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I'm thinking about buying a(nother) mechanical keyboard. I already wrote about that, but this time I'm focusing on more details on the available solutions to this wish.

I can't actually afford it at all, yet, but at least I'm studying, exploring and learning, while trying to find the nicest solution for me. Who knows? It might even become my own 50 years old birthday self-present, next year.

This time, I'm aiming at an ergo split keyboard. After an IBM Model M, a Filco Majestouch 2 TKL and a customized GMMK 1 TKL ISO, seems about time to go for an ergo split one.

Why? Because I'm trying to train myself to properly type, and I've found out that splitting is reasonably useful for this.

Why? Because a split keyboard allows a further degree of freedom in moving its pieces and moving them far apart helps keeping hands in the proper position and also helps keeping a proper posture while sitting and using a computer.

Why? Because having the two halves of a split keyboard moved on the side, allows keeping the arms more open and so keeping the back straighter.

Why? Because I'm starting feeling my age, so keeping my back right is better.

Why? Because otherwise I feel I'll have more back pains in later years.

Let's see why I'm thinking about a split keyboard. Take your seat, might be a long post.


So, in previous episodes I was telling you about my story with mechanical keyboards. You can read some here, if you want more details:

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But, has the story reached a true end?


In previous episodes

I wrote about my quest for a better, newer keyboard, with all my idiosyncrasies about features and needs.

Now, it seems we have a winner.


I previously wrote on this topic:

discussing about Queen Elizabeth II, Emperor Reiwa and other characters in my personal RPG (a.k.a. the real life), on a quest for the (almost) perfect keyboard.

Now it's time to end this quest! (Or is it...)


If you've ever read my first rant here (that's even my first ever blog post!), you know that I've described how the Queen Elizabeth II vs. Emperor Reiwa “war” ended up.

This, is the story of a new war or, maybe, just a new kid on the block.


Most adults learning English start from the iconic sentence “the pen is on the table”.

Well, let's start from the basics to learn a bit about personal (digital) security, a.k.a. how to manage passwords.


I'm not a stalker of the Emperor of Japan. Please read previous related post for the explanation. Now it's experimenting time!


I mean, not the real Emperor of Japan, obviously.

I'm speaking about my son, half-Japanese, that is five+ years old, and now loves to wander in parks and woods.

It's easy for him, to hide or get lost...


No, there are no days from 3 to 10...

See On Improvement for the intro and explanation.

See On Improvement (Day 2) for the first installment.


See On Improvement for the intro and explanation.

Let's see today's results