Little Egomaniac Gamer Outing

I'm old. This year I'll turn 47. But I still love to play. And I often play Lego with my 5 years old son. We started playing together when he was around 3 years old or so. Before that we played with Lego® Duplo. It's time to compare my Lego® with his and start a little rant on that.

The Intro

As far as I remember, the 120 Complete Freight Train Set with Tipper Trucks was my first Lego® set. 120-1 Complete Freight Train Set with Tipper Trucks

Then I remember having a bunch of road plates, both 300 T-Junction Road Plates and 301 Curved Road Plates. And with these, and a lot of 6315 Road Signs, 6316 Flags and Fences and 6317 Trees and Flowers, my dad created a wonderful platform for my city and sets and pieces. I've used it a lot, and I've promised my son that if we'll find it again, somewhere inside the messes of basement or garage, I'll pass it to him.

I've played a lot with my favourite 377 Shell Service Station, probably my first set with minifigures. 377 Shell Service Station

Then I've had vehicles like 646 Auto Service Truck or 673 Rally Repair Crew, a lovely but very primitive (for today standards) 626-2 Red Cross Helicopter, then construction things like 6652 Construction Truck, the 6681 Police Van and so on.

There was also the “space period” with a nice 891 Two-Man Scooter, the 918 Space Transport or the 897 Mobile Rocket Launcher that was later expanded with the tiny 6801 Moon Buggy or the more modern 6846 Tri-Star Voyager and the 6872 Lunar Patrol Craft (also known as Xenon X-Craft) with its own little robot, and more.

I think my favourite sets still are these:

This is my starting point. Then, ages later, came my son. He started playing Lego® (normal Lego®, not Lego® Duplo) since he was 3 years old, and still playing. He's using my old sets, mixing them up with a few minifigures from Lego® magazine, some Lego® City and Lego® Star Wars sets, and so on.

As you might know, today Lego® it's perfectly compatible with things I had 40+ years ago. This is the cool part.

The Rant

But here it is, my rant against modern Lego®.

  1. I don't like weapons, and guns and those things, at all, in Lego®: my city, my sets, were peaceful and nice. Minifigures talked and played together, no robberies, no thieves, no weapons. That was good. Now it's no more. Now there are bad minifigures, there are guns, there is danger.
  2. I don't like the new minifigure heads. I really think that the classic minifigure head standard has brought me into an infinite world, without the need to facial expressions, colours, drawings, beards and the like. Minifigure Head, Standard I want to decide the faces of the minifigures that I use in my sets, so having the same face for every minifigure should have been better... or then I have to struggle to find the exactly right faces that my son is asking me. And I won't.
  3. I don't like the recent trend, mainly in the Lego® City area, about giving even names to the minifigures themselves, creating fixed characters in fixed roles. I mean: my 675 Snack Bar customer did the customer but was also an astronaut, a spy, a superhero, ... and I chose the names, the behaviours and the playing ways. Now Lego® City magazines and TV/Internet shows have Firefighter Clemmons, have policeman Duke DeTain, ... why?! Also, why always always giving them English names? Probably because giving them local names in each country is too expensive. So wasn't it better no names at all?
  4. Getting back to weapons and bad minifigures, I obviously don't like the merchandising drift to Ninjago, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and many other “good guy vs. bad guy” franchises that lead to have this behaviours. Kids still have time to learn about good and bad. Why not proposing something more educational, where minifigures can actually collaborate to reach a goal? Climbers, Doctors, ...

If Lego® still means leg godt, meaning “play well”, let the kids play well, please.

All My Sets (without those of my son...)

Little Egomaniac Gamer Outing by Marco Bresciani is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0