On Improvement (Day 2)

See On Improvement for the intro and explanation.

Let's see today's results

# Reflect on the Last Step Taken
1. What did you plan as your **Last Step**?
    * pair with PERSON for Mule
    * get in touch with someone for PROJECT products
    * proceed with PROVIDER Academy before the live training
    * work on improving the products import from Excel
1. What did you **Expect**?
    * I thought I'd be able to at least compile the whole Mule repo
    * I should have received further news about PROJECT products data
    * complete the training modules
    * extend the import functionality to possibly cope with existing
1. What **Actually Happened**?
   * I've not worked on Mule at all
   * As learnt (see [On Improvement](/marco-bresciani/on-improvement)),
     I've emailed to better address the request we have and even if the
     answer was not so useful, it's a start
   * I've completed the online training even if the platform actually
     sucks (I had to repeat also previous steps from the beginning,
     since I've never received the newest links) and also the content is
     not so useful, from my point of view
   * I've not worked on the import functionality, but I did some CSS and
     refactored a bit of React
1. What did you **Learn**?
   * Again, I was not able to plan the day, so I've almost improvised,
     but this time worked better since I was at least able to pair and
     share with team's colleagues
   * The connections between people and different departments in a big
     company is not so easy. Also finding the right person is not easy
     at all
   * I now know which buttons to click to create the things described in
     the online training, even if I still don't know the goal and the
     purpose of those things
   * It's not that I dislike CSS or React/JavaScript, it's only that
     after 20+ years with Java, it's not so easy to learn a new syntax
     and way of programming.

On Improvement (Day 2) by Marco Bresciani is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0