The President as the Messiah

By Alex E. Towery 07.22.2020

The President is not a God. No man is a God. No man is divine. I am human. Every person who reads this is human, I presume. There is no intelligent being that can take the mantle of Christ the divine. Any president who so does claim the name of Jesus manifest is wicked and a false prophet that will do evil to mankind.

Now that I've addressed the primary statement of fact that needs to necessarily be made explicit, let me address why the President is sometimes lauded as a God in the flesh, which he is not.

When we think about God, our concept of self and identity is often intertwined within that theology. God, in the sense of the Christian God, is love, is kind, goodness, and is the reflection of the beneficent mind.

God is the mirror to all mankind, in a sense, and those who let God, in the Christian way of thinking, into their heart, are saved by christ, according to John 3:16. But there are no other religions that edify in the word the necessary foundation of the public pronouncement of faith as the condition to be accepted into the light of the golden heights, Heaven in referent to the darkness of a fiery hell. That's just something to think about, which makes me very uncomfortable, sometimes leading me to think that Judas the apostate wrote that verse into the book, for all thy faithful to feel comfortable in sin. Let me continue.

Man can feel good about doing evil. Man can kill without thinking twice about the precepts underwriting his actions, which are manifestly unholy, irredeemable, and licentious, according to the Word, but feel as though they are good, righteous, and sanctified by God. We all are evil, in a sense, but the righteous mind has forgotten the value of God in the highest sense, and taken evil as goodness.

So man has replaced God with false idols of his manifestly evil, righteous distinction. Think, the republican party has co-opted God as their righteous foundation. Bullshit. The state is pure evil, to and through. That is something that all presidents know, deep in their heart. That's why the relationship between God and the most powerful man on earth is something that is sacred and shall never be forgotten, lest we fall into the pits of his judgement.

Man who knows not thyself, but thyself which is a false idol, is subject to loving thy reflection of thy evil as it is manifest holy in the flesh of the unrighteous president and the state nobility. Those people know nothing. They are idiots with a false distinction of horror.

Mr. Trump is the man child that Sir Issac Newton wrote about in his prophecies. Those who are dumb and bricked in the mind, which is the majority among the peasantry, will see in him all thy faith which is evil, licentious, and separated from the fruit of the spirit. I may not judge, but God will and the wicked at night will fall onto his deepest whip.