Perceived stress debit is like a high-rate interest loan that fucks you up for pretty much no return.

Perceived stress refers to an individual's subjective perception of what stresses them the fuck out, we have acute stress that can be life-threatening like a serious accident, the loss of a loved one, or a catastrophic event our bodies will click on the cortisol, and kick that fight or flight mode on to go into protection mode rightfully so, glucose will be pumped into the system for quick easy of use energy so we can act superhuman, Our bodies are wired to activate the stress response in genuinely life-threatening situations.

We have these cool systems in place to protect ourselves but the uncool part is in this day and age we are getting stuck in this shitshow where we perceive simple mundane adulating to be more stressful than it actually is, we are basically putting ourselves in some serious debt, that can not only cost us physically but psychologically.

The terms” be mindful “ and “living in the moment “ looks great printed on a T-shirt at a festival or a coffee cup some asshole gave you at work but to many means not a whole lot, shitty cups and T-shirts aside, we all need to take a step back and review what is actually stressful and what is just a pain in the ass. Because once you can start to separate the 2, trust me you will feel better about it.

So the term “being mindful” is actually spot on, if you standing doing a mundane job and letting yourself become far more stressed than you need it's time to recognize the signs, clenched jaw , racing heart rate, etc then it may be time to take a step back and “ live in the moment man” … as I roll my eyes .You can quite literally while “ living in the moment “ change your perception of stress and intern feel better, look better and function better.

I kid you not stressing will literally kill you if u don’t watch your ass! It will make you fat, miserable , drop in libido, overeat under eat,anxiety attacks, heart attacks, high blood pressure the list is endless. Im not saying it is easy to change your perception of stress but being aware that doing the dishes while the kids are driving you nuts is not worth the stress debt that you will accrue, the only one who will suffer is you.

Take a moment, take a breath , put the dishcloth down, and reset , your body and mind will thank you for it !

Quick cool reads – By Marilyn Tuna