The Cheltenham Festival attracts a huge amount of betting. Over the four days of the Festival approximately £500,000,000 (five hundred million pounds) will be bet on its twenty four races. It is not possible in advance to be certain which horses will win and which ones will lose, but by applying a little bit of reason we can all improve our winning ratio.

Having said that, it is not necessarily always the case. There have been many stories of people who have picked winners by closing their eyes and sticking a pin into the lists of horses, others will always go on how well they like the name of the horse or if the name has some significance to their life or recent events. If you find that these type of techniques pay dividends, then stick to them. It is for those with less accurate predictive skills that logic becomes necessary.

Studying form is one approach that tends to pay off. Form will tell you how a horse has fared against other horses as a function of time. You can quickly see the results of recent races and determine if the horse’s performance is steady, improving or deteriorating. You should see how the horse has dome on similar courses, under similar conditions and for similar lengths. Check if the horse has raced against any of the current competition on previous occasions and how it has performed with respect to the weight being carried.

By getting a good look at the horses you can tell a lot about the horse’s condition even if you are not an expert. Does the horse appear healthy? Is it in good condition with well defined musculature? Is it alert and frisky without appearing too nervous or agitated? Is it looking hot and sweaty? It really is surprising how much you can tell just by looking.

It is also important to find out what other people think. Of course if tipsters could get it right all the time there would be no need for them wasting their time being tipsters, but they do tend to get it right more often than Joe Blogs. Listen to what they have to say and compare and contrast their predictions.

By developing these approaches you should be able to improve your performance rapidly. Good luck at the Cheltenham Festival .