Finish something

One thing we don't see very often in the software world is a project being finished. Why does some piece of software need a visual refresh every year? Why are there more freaking menus here when I could navigate the site just fine before? Why can't we be content with something we built that's just really, really good as it is?

The answers, in many cases, are: it doesn't; no good reason; we can.

One of the things I'm happy to have accomplished, that I noticed the other day writing my last post, was that this thing I built does exactly what I need it to and no more. Are there some places that could be smoothed out? Sure. But overall, it's pretty damn good, and has remained that way for years.

The exciting part for me, the guy building the thing, is that the software is still improving, but it's not disturbing the user. I, the writer, am happy that the publish button is in the same place it was yesterday — but oh by the way, now this cool thing will happen where this post will go out to followers in the fediverse as soon as I publish it.

Build something to be good and as close to perfect as possible — not for endless improvement.