I don't have writer's block, I am suffering from finishing block. I just can't finish any of my writings. I currently have three long-form pieces that are about 75% written and just need an adequate closing paragraph. Distraction is my enemy. The opposite of writer's block, my mind is constantly filled with thoughts and ideas. I keep a note of writing topics that I update as they come to me. It's a long note. Unfortunately, many of the ideas never get acted upon because I'm constantly onto something that shines brighter. Much like when I do find time to sit down and write. If I can't finish the entire article in one sitting the chances are it won't be finished. It's a struggle for me to return and complete a piece because I'm quickly onto something new.

Summer is a distraction. I recently had a day off my real job and I planned to spend it writing and working on a few other creative pursuits. As Mr. Burns so thoughtfully wrote, “The best-laid schemes o' Mice an' Men. Gang aft agley.” I soon found the weather too appealing and I spent the majority of my day by the pool with a cool beverage and island music. Needless to say, no writing was done.

I might also suffer from a bit of writer's fatigue. As an investigator, I write reports all day, every day. I write thousands of words per week just to document my regular work activities. Sometimes the last thing I want to do in the evening or weekend is to spend more time in front of a screen writing. And the energy I do have left goes into my weekly newsletter Threats Without Borders which gets published every Tuesday. You should really check it out and subscribe.

But I love to write and I have a lot to say. I just need to get to it!

The sun just peaked over the horizon and the coffee's brewed. I'll be back to finish writing this in a bit.