An Empty Introduction

(this is the text of the sort-of-faq I made a while back)

What is Empty Spaces?

It's less a loose collective of writers and artists than it is a way to describe the shared themes and motifs resonating through them. It's an angle of approach and the tint of the light and the sound of a doll crying in the other room, just far enough away that you can't help her. It's a fallen angel smoking on the overpass and thinking about jumping off even though she knows it won't kill her.

It's about trauma, and what comes after.

Yes but what IS it?

Mostly microfiction written by traumaqueers (that's both “an approach to trauma informed by queer theory” and “traumatized queers”, depending on who's talking).

Cooperative worldbuilding using archetypical motifs, revolving around the scars we bear and inflict.

What's up with all the dolls and witches and angels?

Much of the space grew out of @egregirls's writings about angel girls and @traumadoII and @badend_doll's writings about dolls and witches, so those concepts have ended up as central motifs.

They're used in a bunch of different ways, sometimes as metaphors and sometimes literally; they're archetypal motifs running on vibes and trauma and queer yearning. Exactly what they are matters less than how they resonate with you.

So, what are moths?

They're fluffy friends who are happy to see you.

Is it based on anything?

It's based on itself! While Empty Spaces draws on all sorts of different inspirations, and ideas can ripple through it in odd ways, it's not fanfiction or an AU of a pre-existing work.

Is there a canon?

There isn't! One of the most exciting things about Empty Spaces is seeing the fresh interpretations that each new participant brings with them: everyone has their own ideas about what things are and about what they mean, and even the ones which are broadly agreed on tend to shift around a fair bit.

This seems cool! Is there a list of writers or something?

Yes! You can find it at

This seems really cool! How do I join in?

Usually people just start writing. You don't need to ask permission or anything: this is not a gatekept or exclusive space. If it resonates with you then it's for you.