The online world has its fair share of essay cheats that do not care much about capturing content from online pages and claiming it as their own. They do not hesitate to copy information as it is freely available. Authors began complaining about their ideas and content being duplicated. It became vital to stop plagiarism from spreading through networks. Search engines found it hampering their rating of genuine websites. It reached a stage where enterprising software developers introduced the anti-plagiarism software to detect online pages that had duplicate content. It started being used by all legitimate businesses which might found by query: write my college essay. Search engines came up with guidelines to prevent plagiarism. Within no time, the online world adapted to the new guidelines. It became routine for websites displaying duplicate content on their pages to lose hierarchical positions among search engines. In some cases, the website simply vanished. How does all this concern students you may ask?

Imparting education only through classroom study is a thing of the past. Schools and colleges have their own websites that contain valuable information for students. It has become quite common to have instructor-led virtual classrooms. Students can download assignments instantly on their home computers, work on them, and submit them back for assessment electronically. They are exposed to online research sources that help them compile essays. These resources are proven information goldmines that can be accessed by using simple keywords for any topic.

Content is protected by copyright. Students are thus exposed to the same dangers as a business on the internet. They must understand that essay cheats can be identified easily by checking for duplicate content. Schools and colleges are well versed with the process of detecting plagiarism. Ethical referencing is allowed by many authors who would be willing to share their knowledge. They must, however, be given the credit for their work. Students have to follow a relevant style guide, which clearly specifies how quotations can be included in essays and other coursework.

Students are often left to complete assignments without much help from teachers, especially when it comes to compiling written essay assignments. They may find it difficult to submit them in time or may find an assignment too difficult to complete. Reference sources would help in gathering useful content. Students must, however, avoid using essay banks which offer free content. The information tends to be outdated. In many cases, the information is simply gathered from other websites and sold to willing buyers.

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