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Lightsaber Dueling at Portside Rogues

S2 EP71

Lightsabers originate from the Science Fiction genre and spawns from the Star Wars franchise. The dueling aspect with the lightsabers takes the fascination to the next level. It brings the roleplay entertainment of the live action fighting and learning the seven Jedi movements and stances. Join as talk with Austin Wells from Portside Rogues Academy. We discuss what Portside Rogues does, their involvement in mentoring, fighting styles and mixed martial arts, and most importantly instruction on lightsabers dueling. Please support Austin Wells at Portside Rogues .

Check out my special guest appearance on The Femininja Project. It is a bonus episode known as Patience, Practice, Perseverance, and Overcoming Obstacles. I discuss my path of disability awareness, educational journey, and my origins when it comes to entertainment like MC Anime Podcast. See how my past made MC Anime into a reality and overall me being a better individual because of it. Special Thanks to Cheryl Ilov International for the interview and the chance to feel empowered through the experience and let it become more than myself.

Check out Cheryl Ilov International at

MC Anime Podcast

Photography & Convention Culture

S2 EP70

Photography captures the essence what a picture is worth at 1000 words. It creates memories, moments worth sharing, stories to tell, embodies the evebts at hand, and other interesting features shown in the photos. Convention Culture plays a vital role in photography and more specifically cosplay. You can dress as the characters you love and be the characters themselves. Join as I speak with Leslie Madewell who is a photographer and an anime enthusiast at heart. We will be discussing Madewell Art Photography and how it translates to conventions as a whole and the things to know about cosplay photos. Please support Leslie at MadewellArt Photography here .

MC Anime Podcast

Songwriting & Making it Meaningful

S2 EP69

Songwriting is a form of artistic expression through words, sounds, and rhythmic pronunciations. Now, making it meaningful is truly where it should be and leading to songs you enjoy. Songs are written for people’s entertainment, promotional, prove a point and other purposes. Meaningful music really connects you with the song more and gives structure to it as well. Join as I speak with Winston who is am avid songwriter, sound designer, meme poster, and today’s special guest. We will be discussing how songwriting is done and how to make it meaningful. Please support and follow Winston at and please don’t forget to check out Fiverr for services posted above.

MC Anime Podcast

Creative Animating & Pre-Production

S2 EP68

Animation has many moving parts and one such area is behind the scenes. Behind the scenes there is much going on and Pre-production is definitely the first. In this phase it is where the ideas occur and the endless meetings and creative team discussions. Join as I speak with Marlene Sharp who is a writer, producer, and creative executive. We will be discussing Sonic, experiences of producing, and overall Pink Poodle Productions. Please support and follow Marlene at .

MC Anime Podcast

Anime Reboots

S2 EP67

Anime Reboots often take a previous project and have a new version years later. This process tries to fix the older version, make it more current to original source material, new approaches, or even relaunch it entirely to new audiences. They are often the cause of debates which ones are better and half the time the debate is pointless. It is truly up to the fans to decide which version they like better and consume. We discuss notable reboots such as Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Brotherhood, Shaman King, and many others.

MC Anime Podcast

Japanese Animation & World's Perspective

S2 EP66

What determines an anime and how does it translate to Japan? Japanese animation is uniquely characterized as anime; however, the world sees anime as slightly different. Foreign countries and animation enthusiasts often argue what is anime and wjat is not anime? Anime inspired shows will be the case study of Japanese Animation and World's Perspective episode.

MC Anime Podcast

Programming & Discord Bots

S2 EP65

Programming and bot maintenance really makes discord servers an enjoyable community. Join as I speak with MAC who is a yugioh enthusiast, fellow gamer, and discord programmer. We are discussing the ins and outs of discord bots and its programming. Discover what discord has in the variety of bots you can use, how programming and customizing help the server activity and more importantly the interesting aspects of features available through discord bots. If you want to talk with MAC use discord username Mac#4714.

MC Anime Podcast

Nick's Anime Watchlist

S2 EP64

Anime watching is entertaining the masses and everyone has their own individual watchlist. Each watchlist is unique and belongs to the users who finds interests in the anime world. Join as I speak with Nick, also known as Zombie ki11er45, who shares his anime watchlist and recommendations. We dabble in shows like Seraph of the End, That Time We Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Ranking of Kings, and many more anime contenders on his watchlist. Please support and follow Nick at Zombieki11er451

MC Anime Podcast

Finding Interests and Building Passions

S2 EP63

For any interest you need to find it, build upon said interest, and discover where it leads in a passion. Finding the interest sometimes is very intriguing where it's origins comes from. We will be discussing interests from childhood, introductions by people, internet searching, money purchases, and random chances. See where these origins potentially take into the passions you want to build. Also, stay tuned for our personal experiences relating to these interests and how we transform them into passions.