About me

So I'm redoing this lol

I'm just someone who is trying to get into writing again, I took a very long break – about 4 years – so I'm trying to get into that state of mind again with the little free time I have currently.

On the blog I'll be focusing on my day to day, I hope to have a couple of other blogs set up and going soon, one will be essentially Op-Eds on ideas, concepts which I hold, and another a review blog/newsletter titled “3 words or less” in which I review things I come across that are concise and to the point. I slowly want to branch out into many other topics and fields if time permits.

In terms out of outside of write.as I'm working on a book of writings and pictures planned title “Mediocre words and Images”, I'm also working on (working is a bit exaggerated) on two manga (but script form as I'm a bad artist, hit me up if you wanna collab).

Outside of writing I do a ton of different crap XD

Well gonna update this again at some point. Coming soon.