Day 106 Right let us begin the day's recap.

Today not much different happened other than the usual malarkey, I woke up early but really struggled to get out of bed and ended up delaying the rising of self. I don't think I sat at the desk until like 11 something and that's after waking up at 8:30 then sleeping then waking up et cetera.

Washed up and sat at my desk and started doing some work, today I focused on getting one task sorted and it took me awhile inbetween the calls and not doing much and I finally figured out a fix and applied it, did a test and voila it worked. I was chuffed, I'm not gonna kid you so after that I popped out and met my friend. We chilled for about 3 hours before finally returning home, I also got bobba from this local place and honestly I was annoyed because I wanted tapioca pearls but they fucked the order up like idiots, it wasn't bad just not what I wanted and was looking forward to.

Got home early-ish and chilled downstairs until dinner was ready, I ate whilst watching some Succession on season 2 now, literally had to put that on pause whilst I quickly finish this post off (as fast as possible) then came up. It was nice chilling with everyone and was playing with my niece a lot too. Dinner was decent also can't complain.

I also slept early last night, like 10 to 1, which as you all know, is probably the earliest I've slept in ages.

That's about it really, fairly boring day just like the rest of them, don't really do much anymore and everything pretty much seems on hold. I want to get back into order but I don't know how but honestly I'm too comfortable at the moment and I hate that feeling.

That's me for now. I need to shake myself up.