Day 108 Today was a quiet day, nice and chill, I didn't really do much at all. So it won't be a long one at all.

So woke up, too early it's like my body purposely wakes me up so early on the weekends, despite me sleeping later than usual. I watched a couple of episodes of Succession before going to sleep, I think I finally fell asleep around 3 something after I was done basically. Woke up at like 11 or 12 I believe it was but then stayed in bed until 2 or so, I couldn't fall back asleep which was annoying.

Got up, washed up and then sat at my desk, half the house went out so I just made some plans of my own, went out from 5 to 7:30. It was a decent hangout but thought I'd cut it short as got guests over. After that just chilled with everyone and have been for the last ¾ hours. Ate dinner late again as there was nothing made for me, which I didn't really mind. I got my food and was happy with it. I'm super full lol.

I am now feeling quite sleepy, so I came upstairs to write this up and most likely hit the bed soon, probably sleep soon after and it is only 22:53 on the dot. I haven't felt this sleepy at this time in ages.

So hopefully that's a good sign but knowing me I'll feel refreshed after laying down for a bit lol plus downstairs is so hot that it was making me feel drowzy and sleepy af. My room is a lot colder and I am actually feeling like I'm slowly waking up. Which isn't a good sign lol.

But yeah short and sweet today.

Until next time.