Day 20 Today, I had to get up super early as I had a 10 o'clock meeting and that has ruined my flow for the entire day. Granted I did sleep a bit too late for my liking, but I thought I had enough sleep though I have been proven wrong by my own body. I didn't even get to have my morning shower (I awoke really late), on top of that I've got an annoying tooth/side of my mouth pain which is extremely troublesome and I'm pretty sure it is inflammed. Now I also have a headache, literally located on my forehead (top right) so it's just getting better and better.

A brief note from last night, I didn't go out as I mentioned despite the option being there, so I stayed home, ordered some Maccies and enjoyed a night in. Watched some White Collar and called it a night.

So I've been completely out of sync and just in haze filled funk, it's not ideal for me at all especially since I've been trying to be more productive and output more. I did get all my work stuff done and out of the way but the rest of the work day has just been meh.

Other than work stuff, I did nothing for myself but I did finish cleaning up my room. Which is a big load off of my chest, now all that remains is setting up my desk and what not, the last phase. Not going to lie; I have been looking forward to it and shall aim to get it done asap.

So now, I'm going to run a bath for myself, refresh myself, plan out my next couple of days and take it easy tonight. Hopefully I can have productive week ahead and who knows what it may entail.

So that's all for now, may update this later on.