Day 21 The start of this day has been a lot, lot better. Spent the first hour or so cleaning and washing up (hygiene is important kids) I usually have deep cleans every 2/3 days (you don't wanna know). Then I sat at my desk and begun doing some work. I've been dabbling into day trading crypto, just to get a feel of things, I'm going to start properly this week (wed to wed) and see how I get along. But honestly it's been pretty fun so far and I look forward to making something with it and then move into other things.

I guess there's no added pressure when the amount of money is fairly low but making gains when you're loosing money is always exciting, it forces you to be sharp and stay on top.

Well, today the full transition to my new room begun, I had the desk all (mostly) set up for about a week or so, but I've been working out of here for much longer and this is going to be my new room. But I've been sleeping in my now, old room. But today the move has been forced upon me.

This had gotten me thinking, “where do I retreat to?” By this I mean at the end of a long stress wor day, I find myself just retreating to my bed. Laying there and just relaxing with my phone on YouTube or Netflix and whatnot. But today I, no longer have a place to retreat to. Lay down and take my mind off of things. I've also taken the decision to sleep without a bed/mattress, so I'll be sleeping on the floor (with cushioning of course) mainly to sort my back out, (so young, yet so old).

But knowing this it'll be so odd especially until I get it sorted out, because at it stands I have nowhere to lay myself down. Honestly we all have that one place, whether it may be your sofa (couch), or whatever you love laying/resting upon.

It's an end of an era, as I had that room for ages, things change sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse but this time I've actually made this quite productive which is a good sign. So there's more to make from this. But in regards to the bed, I need to sort that out ASAP but I need my laying down time.

Yeah I do realise I was being very melodramatic, but that being said, today was the first time in ages that I didn't have some sort of lay down during the day. My back isn't any better for it but I can't say I've been that much more productive well mainly because I spent that time cleaning and finishing up phase 3 of the clean and boy does it look clean AFFF. I'm quite happy with the outcome if I'm being real. There are a few bits that are missing but overall I am quite happy with things. This will last me a couple of months before I have to invest in a bed. But that's my evening really.

Side note: Whenever I add things, I'm not sure whether or not I just create another post or just append the current post. Need to think which is better, is it likely that the posts are being checked again, is there some sort of update on your (yes you.) end. But yeah that's all folk lol.