Day 22 Well today, my oh my, the start of this stay wonderful, I haven't felt that good in awhile. I even woke up earlier than I usually do, lo and behold, no body pains, no burning eyes, nada. No issues when I awoke this morning and it felt so good. Even last night I found myself feeling sleepier a lot earlier (I think that may be due to the lack of laying down during the day, and as I write this that's all I wanna do lol) but I did sleep slightly later than I would have liked which (let's be real) may be the case this evening also.

Other than that; my day has been pleasant, got work done, went to see a friend briefly and caught up with a couple of more. Did well today with the old crypto stuff and later on planning on watching the game with a few friends. So seems like a busier day than my usual sit at my desk but I did plenty of that also.

It's a nice thing, having my day broken up as opposed to just my evenings, it's the first time since the lockdown that I've been out during the day and just relaxed. It was odd seeing so many people out walking and the volume of cars seems back to where it was almost. It's interesting to observe people and their actions towards the wider public safety regarding COVID-19 and their thoughts (having interacted with some). It seems as if no one really cares or think it's some overblown government propaganda which I found riveting, shows the deep level of distruct some (maybe even, most) people have of this government.

I guess it leads to the belief that a government is too powerful (or, all knowing) to let a flu bring the world's economic system on it's knees. I think that speaks more about how people view their governments than themselves. But yeah I need to go lay down.

So the alarming headache ceased after food and meds, thankfully, some cold water on the back of the neck really helped initially.

Went out to watch the game, disappointing result but enjoyable evening away and on top of that had an eventful conversation before getting into the house, those conversations really make the night even more enjoyable.

Didn't touch the crytpo stuff at all today, after making some money in the evening, after my first week I broke even, if is nice especially after my risky trades trying to understand the market. My takeway from the first week has to be; “Exercising patience.” What I mean by this is don't have a trigger finger, sometimes you have to let it play out, check the trends of the coin, how they're being viewed in the wider market and go from there. Initially I found myself being too frantic but the time when I made the most returns was when I left it for half a day and then sold when I felt it was right. I guess another side note would be; “Don't get too greedy.”

Now I shall retire back to my floor bed, watch some netflix and get some goooood sleep. Until next time.

N.B I don't know if long posts are more enjoyable than short but I guess I'll just go with the flow.

Realised I posted this in Anon. Back on the blog now