Day 23 It was tough waking up this morning, my body, eyes just didn't want to wake up or get up from my bed. So I struggled pulling myself up, my eyes felt heavy just longing for sleep. I got up and then washed up and then showered (it was a really quick one) even as I had water pouring over me, my eyes felt as if they didn't have it in them to open. I came up, and put my washed clothes away. Its amazing how neat my room has been after designating a space for everything, order has really keep things – well – in order. Nay, having structure has helped keep things in order.

Which really got me thinking about creating a proper structure for my own life and what it means to be in order and output at my max. I've tried to create schedules/timetables in the past but it's never really worked out great. Mainly down to my own lack of discipline. But I feel like I've changed and maybe now more than ever I'd flow it. I'm more focused and goal orientated, so it only makes sense to do things that allow me to follow that path. So I got some more thinking to do. I don't want to bombared myself with tasks upon tasks, cramping my schedule full but the opposite. Have key things to do on a weekly and then daily basis. Keep it light but have the important things down. Split things up and ultimately not neglecting the importance of down time. So I'll follow that trail and see where it leads me to.

Sleep. Sleep is tough, last night I got into bed at a good time but unfortunately neglected sleeping at a good time hence my sleepiness this morning. Like I know I should be asleep at a certain time and I'm feeling sleepy but it's as if I punish myself and sleep far too late. So hopefully tonight I can sleep at a good time and feeeeel refreshed come tomorrow morning.

That's it for now, I got stuff to do.

The rest of my day was unnecessarily stressful, mainly due to a task I was working on for my job then being annoyed by this new guy. He really gets on my nerves and pisses me off. But I managed to hit my target which was good, after that had an eventful meeting with a mate of mine so got some side projects starting there. Tomorrow will hopefully be a productive day as things I want to do are slowly starting to take shape which is good. So then as mentioned 11 hours ago I'll be able to hopefully create a schedule that I'll actually follow. So we'll see.

That'll basically do me for the day, I hope and plan to sleep at a good time tonight/early tomorrow morning which is in 40 mins or so.

Until next time.