Day 24 Well, today was the first day of my unofficial schedule, I mainly spent it researching and reading what I can do with and then checking out Mastodon at large. It was pretty interesting and I signed up for writing exchange so that'll be my first step in this new world, which hopefully will be excitable.

I saw the ability of adding comments to posts in, so I may do that either today or tomorrow and if its worth it then keep it going, it costs 8 buck a month so I'll deem if its worth it from the free trial.

I'm also needing to set up a news reader app or rss feed, as I'm attempting to dedicate an hour to reading every morning and I think the news is a good place to start, so as a motivation I may have a news highlights blog (similar to how [Techlinked] ( does it but in the written form, I'll attempt to start that over the week, post like 3 days a week and see from there.

I feel very tired, like my body feels fatigued (I think it was due to accidently ingesting diary) and the warm weather isn't helping either. I need to stretch and get the blood pumping I think, need more to the brain lol

I also slept late again, but I am slowly reigning it in, I left an hour earlier than the night before, and since it's the weekend tomorrow I should be able to catch up on some sleep. On a side note, the floor bed is amazing but I'm finding that since I'm mostly just bones it does hurt a little especially the manner in which is sleep. But I can't complain too much, the overall quality of sleep is so much better.

I'll leave it there for now