Day 25 & Co. “Good morning Vietnam!” Soo I've been gone for a couple of 3 days. But I have returned on the 4th. So enough pandering, I'll get into it now. I've been unwell these last few days and so highly unmotivated to do anything productive or get up from my bed. It all began Friday night; when the fire nation attacked! and I needed to rest and take it easy for a couple of days.

But I'm back at my desk and writing my post post since today would/should/is day 28 but I don't know how to now organise it other than how I'm currently doing it which is by grouping them all together.

I'm still a bit drained and all over the place, some things I wanted to do have been slowed down but I'm slowly getting onto my feet. Like I said I have been bed bound mostly over these last few days but I have popped out once or twice to get some fresh air et cetera. Most of the time I was watching movies, I watched a lot of classics that of which I have seen and had not seen, to name some; Gladiator, Troy, Fight Club, Palm Springs, Dodgeball, et al. So I got through a fair share.

I did some light reading about Homer and the Classical Antiquity period pretty spured by the first two movies on the list, it was very interesting but put on hold due to the headaches.

I didn't write on the blog, why; well quite simply I didn't feel like sitting at my desk and writing, expending the already little energy that I had left.

But alas, I'm back at almost full strength and back to writing evidently and soon after that I'll be able become eloquent again (haha) but for now just a brief explanation on why I was missing.

In other news I have created a mastodon account, still learning the ropes but seems like a cool world nonetheless. But I can't view my federated account for this blog.

Thus ending Day 28.

For now.