Day 29 I was so tired today, slept like shit and it was quite a busy day today. I ended up being quite productive; today I spent most of my day focusing on my work, work. Got a task done which I needed to do even with all the background noise of other users popping up and requiring help. It actually felt good completing something from scratch (albeit with some guides), because its actually been some time since I have of it's nature.

Other than that, I really didn't do much else, I was surviving off of 4/5 hours of sleep and it was tough at times. I also broke a rule that I had set for myself; “Don't use my phone as soon as I wake up.” So honestly, I was right, when you used my phone I got pre-occupied with thoughts of things I read, conversations and interactions with those I spoke to you and was speaking to. Which annoyed me because as valuable as that is, it took away from my time and being able to self-reflect.

In the evening I went out with a couple of friends, one of which I hadn't seen in awhile. It was a pleasant outing and good catchup. We were able to think about ideas and concepts, spoke about some of the guests on JRE's podcast and it was pretty awesome. Then got some food and after that rush home. All in all, a pretty good 4/5 hours and still managed to get home at a decent time, but time had a different plan for me (mainly to keep me awake until about 5am)

I also feel like I've lost my edge, my ability to pour out words, I feel like my mind has been so occupied with nonsense that I'm not thinking about other things, but at the same time I'm spending more time thinking about it. It's like a strange paradox but deep down I feel like I've lost my edge. I want my voice back, to be smarter and have a better understanding on things.

But enough about me, I'll leave it there for now.