Day 30 The start to the day was as labourious as many, I had some good sleep, slept at a good time (it was a bit later than I was originally hoping) I woke up at a decent time, but that's when the trouble began. I found it so tough getting up from my over comfortable bed, that I wanted to continue sleeping until the moon greeted me and stars guided my travels. But I was unable to do so, as work was awaiting my presence. So I got up and did the usual (also stayed off of my phone) so I'm back to that hopefully, I've also got a family thing to attend so I had to look semi-presentable to that so cleaned up. I also need to cut my nails, they're growing and I truly loathe long nails.

Last night, after signing off for the day, I didn't do much, other than relax, I believe I ate dinner after the post and I came across this new Netflix Documentary aboout the Mafia in New York during the 70s and 80s, (that may have lead to my staying up ever so slightly) it was quite enjoyable, there's not many episodes – like 3 – which I plan to finish off today.

But I need to continue to go about my day, got a couple of tasks to do for work and things to organise if I have time, I've no idea when I'm leaving, so puts me on borrowed time.

It's all about returning back to my motivated and productive self, I have been rectifying my own ambitions and goals, et cetera, which is what I feel I need, and even though it has been a day the edge slowly returns (as well as this annoying headache).