Day 31 Today I woke up in a state of shock and upset. I was told that someone close, their father had passed away. I felt upset, sad and grief overcome me. Not only for the deceased but all those whom have been left behind. Being unable to be by their side, is another hurtful and saddening thing, not being able to comfort them in their time of need.

It also forces you to contemplate the mortality of those around you and ultimately yourself. Death is a grievance that every human can appreciate as; Every soul shall taste death. There's no escaping it, no running away from it. When it's your time, you are either forced or go willingly. Into the afterlife and your perception on that solely depends on what you believe will happen next.

Death puts into prespective all that you have been doing in your life and hope to do. It shows what's been a clossial waste of time and what's working and where you can do better. It also kick starts a lot of things in your life. As it forces you to think about everything.

Yesterday, we had all gone to my cousins' for a birthday party, it was his 21st birthday. It was an enjoyable day, I hadn't been to their house since before corona and probably 2/3 on that family had gotten together so that was nice to see everyone.

Just as we had celebrated life, only a few mere hours later, the reminder of death came knocking. The killer of joys and the reminder. There's good reason why many don't want to contemplate death; from the fact that they don't know what happens next, don't want to die, to the fact that they know either all of their life is for mute or they're going to hell.

But many of you will say I'm morbid, but embrace death; it's coming for all of us. The least we can do is be in a state that pleases us when we face it.

I'd like to say; He was indeed a good man, fair and nice. Very welcoming whenever I entered his home and quite funny. I heard stories about him which made me laugh and smile, we used to use his words as a catchphrase. I pray that he has a peaceful rest, until the Day of Accountability.

I can only imagine how it feels like to loose a father, husband and a brother. I can only imagine the hopelessness a child feels when their guiding light is taken from them. The feeling of being lost and alone, no matter their age. I ask the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth, to bring forth calmness and tranquility into their hearts. Ameen.

I'll leave it here. Until the new horizon.