Day 32 I'm back to writing on Saturday, meaning I am not unwell and in good health (I hope.) I can hopelessly unfit and with everything opening again, I kinda want to be fit before I start playing any sport, so I gotta implement some sort of regiment. I did start in the beginning of the lockdown but after the first 3 days I just stopped (mainly due to havingno room or privacy to do anything) but now I got the space to do so I will do. I'll probably start off with core body exercises and light yoga, I want strengthen and become more nimble and flexible. Hopefully I'll start this evening or tomorrow. I shall keep you updated.

Furthermore I need to train my mind, so I want to narrow down some subjects I want to cover, so naturally I have to come up with a “curriculum” and I use that word loosely. So I'm thinking it'll be light reading on those subject matters and build some understanding. The topics that really interest me at the moment are; History, Economics (kinda do started that already), current-events, political ideology and Philosophy. I think that's a good place to start, if you have any recommendations do let me know.

So I think having both aspects and building on both physical and intellectual will be my goal over the next 5 years. That way I have something tangible to work towards. My aim is to have a good grounded and basis to then transmit to others and build something that's beneficial and good for myself and others who may want the same.

But other than that stuff, today has been a lazy start, like most of my Saturdays now. I have a slow start to the day and ease into things, get up out of bed late, eat late, and then take it easy. Today I need to sort my monthly finances out, buy some stuff, take care of some stuff, and attempt to plan my week, either today or tomorrow.

But that's that for now.

So the rest of my day was pretty decent, I took it easy for the rest of the day, I began ticking off tasks I had remaining which always feels good and began embarking on creating my schedule, to which I realised I wanna do a shit load of stuff on a weekly basis. But it is coming along pretty well and hopefully I'll be done by tomorrow and my productivity will be somewhat focused even if I don't accomplish I know it is something to work towards and its always there and you have structure. Just like when you have a room that is organised, it is easier to put things away and keep things clean. So I am hoping it'll do the same for my life, learning and growth.

But that'll do me for tonight.