Day 39 I don't like how I usually start my posts, it's kinda annoying and so unimaginative, like really, the best thing I can come up with is, “Today..” But let's be realistic the only reason I started off my post like this is because I didn't want to say “Today” so I decided to complain about it. Genius am I right.

So today (LoL) I woke up super late, around 2:15pm, I didn't want to as I wanted to wake up early and get some stuff done but I ended up doing so against my wishes. But it did mean that I was able to get some remnants of good restful sleep (although I woke up a couple of times to use the lavatory and one of those times I thought the clock in the bathroom had broken. As I couldn't believe that 20 mins to 10 existed and that I had woken up at that time) but to be honest sleep wasn't great, rather the lead up to sleep wasn't great.

After waking up, my day hasn't been too bad, I woke up, had a nice cool shower as it was still fairly warm when I woke up (but thankfully wasn't as hot as yesterday), generally I really struggle with cold showers even lukewarm showers so that's honestly an indication how hot its been and apparently the following week will follow suit. So yah, then I started watching a movie which was about 3 hours or so. It dragged in some parts but the gist of the family was good, quite heavy in terms of story but interesting nonetheless. I've noticed that I'm been watching a hell of a lot more movies over the last couple of weeks, whereas before it was TV shows, before that Anime, before that movies. So its like an odd cycle, the last time I watched this many movies in a period of time I was 12/13 so about 12 years ago or so and ironically I'm rewatching a lot of those same movies with new ones here and there but generally the same. I don't what that says about me but what I do know is the paragraph is getting a tad long.

Last night, or even more so early this morning, I didn't sleep as intended as mentioned where I left off but rather the signal signal went off and I, swiftly followed suit (is that correct?) I journeyed into the edge of the night and returned to be greeted by the clouds of the morning. I laid upon by bed but sleep was not beconing me, so I decided to stay awake. I had a feeling of uneasiness and felt pretty down, I felt as my life was a pit of nothingness and hopelessness and I distracted myself with Unfinished Business. I was then greeted by the sun and I managed to watch a 90 min film in under an hour (I'm a serial 'skipper' so thank God for double tap). I, then, with my infinite wisdom decided to pursue sleep after which was kinda broken but also kinda nice.

I woke with the same sense of despair and sadness, it followed me into the shower and then. Then, I sat at my desk and slapped my face a few times and told myself “Get through it, get past it and it'll get better.” Honestly it sorta worked, since that moment I have been feeling slightly better and I'll carry it on.

Now I am sat here on my MacBook (still way to hot to turn my PC on. Sad time.) typing away (one thing I like is the spell check but probably means that something is being logged), that's two new devices back to back now, maybe tomorrow it'll be something different. I have a cake and half a cup of oats milk (which is way too sweat compared to my usual oats milk) and maybe a film awaiting.

That'll be all for tonight, keep a look out for tomorrow.

N.B. I've update the About Me page and have added a Contact Me page. Check it out.