Day 92 I got that much needed well almost I believe so, I believe I finally ended up sleeping at 3 something and that's only because I bloody forced myself to go to sleep. But I was just enjoying being awake despite only feeling fucking 4 hours or so. It was mental. But I fell asleep and then woke up at 10 and then woke up at 1. It was safe to say I didn't go into the office today.

After that I washed up, and I was busy with laptops leaving my home first DHL for a machine that's going to Spain and then another more local lol. Then got a few new ones from work in order to set up. Which is great.

After that I finally ate (all my meals) Subway which was very nice and filling for sure, after that jumped out and visited my friend. Early meetups are the only way now since the 10pm closing time so that'll be fun. But I know it'll actually help in the long run since spending will sort of cut down since I won't be going out that much in the night, but knowing me I'll just end up going out earlier. So we'll see, I'm sure a full lockdown will ensue shortly. So more fun times but I know I'll end up trying to discipline myself and hopefully get a ringer on my elusive sleeping pattern. I know for sure the weekend will help with sorting it out since no late nights anymore.

Then I chilled with my family for a bit it was actually about an hour or so which was nice, then had an hour long bath and alas here we are, with me writing this long ass post which is ironic because this feels like one of my shortest but it's taken me too damn long to write. Literally just arrived at the 30 min mark.

Now I wanna snack and watch some netflix or youtube perhaps then aim to sleep around 2. Hopefully lol.

Until tomorrow.