Daily posts - either fact or fiction - about what goes on in my life (includes thoughts too now)

Day 33 Today, was a pleseant day, I actually got up at a good time unlike most Sunday's, had a lovely long-ish bath and I got out around 2ish so a bit late for comfort. Went down the stairs and the entire floor soaked, due to the mopping of floorboards, so I couldn't do much. So I quickly scurried to my bedroom and put on a film. It wasn't too long and light-hearted bits of comedy here and there. So it was nice and enjoyable.

I also got some light reading done also and when I was half asleep invested in something but didn't keep track. Kinda don't want to either at this point lol. But I will check it tomorrow and monitor it. Lastly I tried to do some work on a project but got side-tracked and didn't really get to spend time on it as I would have liked. So that'll be pushed back until tomorrow.


Day 34 Ah back to the early posts, well today literally started 40 mins ago, I overslept, Monday mornings are Monday mornings; regardless of the fact that you're in the office or working from home. It's still a damn struggle waking up in the morning. Ontop of that I felt the cold breeze against my skin and when the temperature is low and that breeze hits you it isn't a pleasant feeling. It seems like the 3 days of summer is finally over here and the heavens have opened and the rain has poured asunder (luckily there's been no thunder) but it's doing wonders for my CPU temp lol the cold temp not the rain.

Last night, I slept a little too late for comfort, I think around 3ish I actually don't remember when exactly I fell asleep but I do remember roughly when it occured. I didn't do much in all fairness, watched some YouTube, caught up with some group chats then watched YouTube again as a means to help me sleep but also because I've been enthralled into that new channel I've been watching. After that all I remember is my alarm going off and well you know the rest.


Day 35 Today, well another difficult day in terms of getting up this morning, I remember waking up around 8:45 then going back to sleep. Perhaps I should have gotten up at that time at least I could have done something productive. But I fell back asleep and continued to do so until around 10 something. I, once again struggled to wake and get up. I really don't know. Maybe I'm just sleeping far too late for my body's liking and it's telling me off.

Furthermore, I woke and finally got around to that project work (setting up a cardano node on an AWS server) in total it took around, 6 or 7 hours to do. I finally understand most of what I was doing but the one tool I needed, wasn't working. So now I have to wait until the hardfork tomorrow and re-visit it at some point.


Day 36 Well I'm 4 pages DEEEEEP son!

Sorry about that, well, today, I got up slightly easier than the last couple of days combined. Woke up around 10:30 and then decided to stay up. It was a little tough but I managed to do so, then I proceeded to wash up as I needed the lavatory. I didn't shower this morning as I had a bath last night but I'll have one mid-afternoon as I plan to do some ligh working out.

I did yoga again for the first time in ages and I stretched limbs that haven't been stretched in months lol, so it was nice and much needed. I hope to carry it on, so I'm thinking when I wake up I'll do an hour of working out and yoga then shower and start my day. Get the blood flowing and there's another set that you can do before going to sleep, which I hope improves my sleep. It works, I almost fell asleep earlier on. Felt so relaxed and lovely.


Day 37 Well today, what can I say about the day I'm entangled within, it's not the start of a great one, I don't know why I've been feeling terribl, I've been on a gradual slump in terms of emotion and mood, Sunday started off as good and I feel like a rock climber trying to regain his position but keeps slipping due to the wet stonned wall which he's trying to embark upon. Maybe it's due to me being cooped up all week and generally a midweek outing helps break it up, but I have moments like these, where it feels like I'm circling the drain speak.

But odd as it sounds, getting these thoughts out in the open actually is helping weirdly enough. I'm not the most articulate when it comes to opening up, mainly due to the fact that I often need time to process these things and most of the time I don't give a moment to it.


Day 38 Today was very much a blur. It came, it conquered and now it's left me tired, drained and laying in bed. Writing my first post where I haven't been sat at my computer to right this. But I'm laying down on my phone, typing away. It's a different experience but it's not too shabby.


Day 39 I don't like how I usually start my posts, it's kinda annoying and so unimaginative, like really, the best thing I can come up with is, “Today..” But let's be realistic the only reason I started off my post like this is because I didn't want to say “Today” so I decided to complain about it. Genius am I right.

So today (LoL) I woke up super late, around 2:15pm, I didn't want to as I wanted to wake up early and get some stuff done but I ended up doing so against my wishes. But it did mean that I was able to get some remnants of good restful sleep (although I woke up a couple of times to use the lavatory and one of those times I thought the clock in the bathroom had broken. As I couldn't believe that 20 mins to 10 existed and that I had woken up at that time) but to be honest sleep wasn't great, rather the lead up to sleep wasn't great.


Day 40 Well, better late than never.

Today was actually a very, very busy day (well I say today as I'm writing this technically on Monday morning) I woke up early considering I slept at 5:30, got up around quarter to 1, showered up and whatnot, as I wanted it to be a productive day, which it ended up being so but not exactly in the manner I wanted it to be. But good nonetheless in terms of me getting things done regardless.

Most of my day consisted of being in front my desk, which wasn't too bad as I felt productive. Started off (“Started off with a kiss, how did it end up like this?!” Killers anyone? Anyone?... with a zoom call, little class that I do which was about an hour or just over. Then the mandatory zoom call with a friend, it's become the usual Sunday catchup. At the same time where I spent the bulk of my energies was on the Cardano Node/server thing, honestly spent like 10 hours today on setting it up for the umpteenth time but alas!


Day 41 Today has been alright so far, said no one ever! Literally from the minute I opened my eyes it has been non-stop until now. Woke up to a few messages and emails (from work) which meant I didn't have time for my normal prep (which should have been showering, yoga etc) had to quickly brush up and start on a ticket. It was quite important and I was already like half an hour late for the meeting that was setup. So did that, luckily it was a short job and not at all as time consuming as I initally thought it would be.

After which I finally ate, and carried on doing some other tickets, Monday is mainly a support day as I know its just going to be busy, first day of the week and all that. But up until an hour or two ago its slowed down and I finally got a chance to breath and take it easy.


Day 42 Well my timings are slowly becoming erratic but I'll still count this as on time.

Tiday was another tiring day, started off kinda drained, really struggled to get out of bed. Which meant that I ended staying until half 11, or was it midday (don't remember entirely) then I had a nice relaxing bath. After that I started doing some work and proposed a new system to make our job easier, which went down well with the old manager. Which is always nice, being acknowledged for your work.


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