2021 Roadmap: MG.Social 2.0

Hello everyone it's MateoXRP with MG.Social. It's getting near the end of 2020 and it sure has been one strange crazy year for us all. We hope everyone out there has been staying healthy and safe during these trying times.

On a positive note, this year we launched our ad-free, web monetized social network platform: MG.Social!

MG.Social allows creators to share in the rewards of our social network by monetizing the content they add to the platform using Coil and Xumm.

Web monetization revenue allows the MG.Social platform to scale ad-free. Your data will never be sold to advertisers and you will never see ads on MG.Social.

In addition to ensuring creators are fairly monetized for their content, a Coil subscription helps deter bot and spam accounts from the platform, improving the experience for everyone.

Since we launched MG.Social to the public we have been working hard to improve the site and implement the core features and functionalities we needed to make the platform work.

Moving forward into the new year these are the main areas of improvement we are focused on:

  1. MG.Social mobile app for iOS/Android: Our goal with our mobile app is not to merely create a shell app for the current mobile version of the site. We are working to build an entirely new MG.Social interface and experience specifically designed and optimized for a mobile device. You can see updates on our Cinnamon Video page: https://cinnamon.video/MGSocial. We hope to ship our mobile app within the next 2-3 months.

  2. A new front-end interface for the web version of MG.Social: We have made improvements to the web interface of the MG.Social platform since we launched earlier this year. The current interface of the site is functional, but can feel antiquated and clunky in areas. We want it to be great everywhere! Once the mobile app has shipped we will work on creating an entirely new front-end interface for the web version of the platform. We are going to build it from scratch to ensure that it feels more modern, responsive and professional than ever before. We estimate the new web interface will take between 2-3 months to ship.

  3. Improved marketing/branding for MG.Social: We have recently hired a firm to create professional banding, marketing and promotional videos to help us better market the MG.Social platform. We look forward to sharing our new marketing and branding as we get closer to our mobile app launch.

We feel that currently the MG.Social platform is at the 1.x stage of development. Starting with the launch of our new mobile app and then with our web front-end re-design we will be moving into the 2.0 phase of MG.Social. We are focused on doing everything we can to make this the best and most creator friendly platform in existence.

We are incredibly grateful for the progress we have made with MG.Social in 2020 and are extremely excited for the progress we have in store for 2021. We hope everyone has a fantastic Holliday season and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!