Announcing the MG.Social Public Square: Decentralized social networking on the XRPL

Hello everyone! It's MateoXRP again with MG.Social.

In our latest Cinnamon.Video post we discuss the MG.Social Public Square and show a first look of the network with a live demo.

Public Square is a new standalone social network we are developing that will act as a complement to the main MG.Social offering. Since all Public Square postings will be made onto the XRPL (a public blockchain) they will be permanent and un-editable. This will provide decentralization and censorship resistance capabilities for our user's postings, as the underlying data powering Public Square is not dependent on us, and we are unable to modify it. Eventually we will integrate the ability to cross-post to Public Square from MG.Social.

We will operate a moderated front-end and will filter out posts that go against our terms. We will also open source the Public Square project so that anyone will be able to spin up their own version of the network with their own rules. You could spin up your own version using your own Coil pointer to monetize it. You will even be able to point the software to your own XRPL address and create an entirely new and separate network with its own database if you wish.

Take a look at the demo and let us know what you think! If you have any suggestions for improvement feel free to reach us at

Until next time, take care!