Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There is no denying the world wide web is bracing for a huge hit brought on by AI. The internet as we knew it is ending and the rise of AI generated content is here. But what does it really mean?

Well, for starters there are already books written by AI and some even in the name of the “human” authors clueless about it.

You may also have seen art created. In some cases it looks horrifying, in others quite impressive. I guess it can go either way based on the input from users and data the particular AI has gathered.

Even some of the software is implementing the AI in one way or another. And I guess with time it will be hard to find those without it. Either way, it is a bit unsettling to think about. If AI is scraping the web for information, will there be anything safe from it? I know you can add some restrictions in robots.txt file for your web site. But is it enough? Will the programmed AI respect this? I mean it is not so long since we have option to block cookies that track our behaviour, will the same be done for AI?

I guess there are a lot of questions that need answering. More research to be done and paying a close attention to what is happening with AI.

One thing is certain – I will be even more careful about believing anything I read/see on the internet and trying to use software with no or minimal AI influence for as long as possible.

What are your thoughts on AI? What good and bad can it bring? Have you tried any of the AI tools?


Have a wonderful day. :)