Privacy Online

It is not long ago when I was deeply consumed by protecting my privacy online. At times it went to the extremes of mild paranoia. It took some self reflection and reality check to realise there is no need, in my case, to go into so much trouble protecting myself online. I am not a public figure. I am not famous or rich nor I intend to be. I am regular person with desire to live good life. So in my case extreme privacy is overwhelming and unnecessary. All I need is some common sense to be semi-private in online world. Here are some tips that I use:

As you can see, everything is more or less around being wise in navigating online world. Common sense is all most of us need to be private- and safe-enough.

What steps do you use to be more private and safe online? Share it with me and other readers. We can all learn from each other.


Have a wonderful day. :)

P.S.: I may update the post with more useful tips.