Midoria Files: Short stories

Short cyberpunk stories set in the same universe as my novel.

Nothing happened. It was business as usual.

It was so fast that not even the fraud detection system in Prometheus Industries supercomputers detected it.

The only entities that could have detected a blip so fast were the androids, for the simple reason that they were able to clock into hypertime. One minute of our time would be hours to them when hyperclocked.


(Media prompt)

Image: The Girl. Artist: Rutger van de Steeg. (Contact: info@rutgervds.com)

Music: Atmolifter – Time Deviation

Youtube Channel: SpaceAmbient

I'm going to write a sci-fi scene (not necessarily a complete story) based on the music and image in this particular youtube video.

The reason I like synthwave so much is that its atmosphere inspires me to write; it allows me to place myself in a world of my imagination – or in this case, the world depicted in the sci-fi art background.

As usual, I'm going to use the setting for my novel: New Hong Kong, planet Midoria.

Here goes!