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Our white board for school work just isn't lasting very long. After a few uses it was hard to erase and almost unusable. See the elementary school provided basically a laminated sheet of white paper and a cute small erase with some Expo Dry Erase markers for you with online distance learning. Its great and my son uses it every day. But for longevity, it doesn't cut the mustard!

Searching for a new small white board they are not that expensive (less than $10) but in a few weeks I would run into the same problem. You can really spend some large money on very nice whiteboard, but for a 10 year old ... there must be a better solution!

Then I started reflecting on my B/VLOG post and start now stop planning. B/VLOG october 11 2020

start today & start with what you have!

Ding I had an idea, and it could not be more beautiful and perfect, it has a glow to it when the daylight hits it!

I should build an empire on my newly designed whiteboard. Ok ... maybe NOT, but here are the results —>


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Has anyone ever coined a term for a BLOG that has mini spinets of video like a VLOG?

I can't seem to find anything, so I am going to create a new genre called a B/VLOG with the help of Mr. Mirrae

(Unless this is already a thing)

October 11, 2020 – BLOG/VLOG 001 begins

So we have a project going that required a portion of the sprinklers to be removed. To future proof the removal, instead of blocking off the end of the pipe where it was cut, we decided to install a valve.


Why is it when ever a project is started, there is always an issue. At this point you would think I would just expect little issues to arise! So off to Home Depot we go, to find a different solution.


I think the pipe clamp will work, at least its and easy attempt to fix. It always amazes me that Christmas items are out on the shelves 3 months ahead of the season, every year it seems to be earlier and earlier, but maybe it is because I am more aware with little ones at my side.

**Side note —> the video quality is very poor, but I have a plan to fix that without spending any money on new equipment! I always say start today and start with what you have!

start today & start with what you have!

I have a lot of respect for those VLOGGERS that do this everyday! Editing is taking its toll on me. Funny things do pop up while editing, during this next one the little one just popped out a question in the middle of it.


So cute, Daddy will you be my best friend?

So the clamp worked, no more issues and back to the original project, which we may or may not try to do a Blog/Vlog about ... time will tell. Its a start, a terrible start with regard to video, but the first step is always the hardest. Just do it, doing something new, regardless of how bad it turns out .... starting something is better than planning to do something. Besides, look on the bright side ... there is nowhere but up from here ;–)

starting something is better than planning to do something



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For those that are on Cinnamon and Coil as content creators, stick around. I have some interesting bumps in the road to share below:



The recent trend of “leaving California” is interesting for me. I already left ..... back in 2003.

For one glorious year in 2002-2003 I lived in San Francisco. I lived close to the Golden Gate bridge on 3rd and Clement. It was the best of times and reflecting back so many years ago, it was a time of individual growth and adventure.

Today the “Leaving California” trend seems more political than back in my day, but very similar.

The thing I miss most will always be the iconic Golden Gate bridge.

So why did I leave?

It's very simple. I left California because after a year of adventure, I realized thinking I was cool living in San Francisco interfered with actually saving any amount of money. Even 17 years ago as a young ambitious person, I quickly realized it was way too expensive to live in California.

The rent was $1,200 per month

I rented a room, yes just a small room, with 2 other friends in a house that was built in 1903. The rent was $1,200 per month and I had the smallest area so I paid the least amount. This “house” and space we all 3 shared was above average for the city. We were the envy of all our friends. But thinking long term, how can you compare this to other cities where $1,200 a month was more than a mortgage for a 3 bedroom 2 bath house?

This was 2003, I can't even imaging what the rents are today in 2020. So I left and started my journey to financial independence. It was the hardest decision back then to leave, but it was the best thing I did at the time. And I couldn't be more happier today that I made the decision.



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Photo Credits:

Photo by Utsav Shah on Unsplash

Photo by Vital Sinkevich on Unsplash

My son is a driving machine! He is 10 years old and started with Power Wheels at age 3. He “cut his teeth on the typical electric ride toy, learning to steer, stop and reverse. (it was a Francesco Bernoulli 6 volt Power Wheel)

If you are not familiar with Power Wheels, here is a picture you may be all familiar with:

Now you might be saying to yourself “Mirrae, why are you showing a Barbie Jeep picture for a boy?” Well, it would not be my style without adding a little financial wisdom along this fun video project he embarked upon. If you want to skip down to the video he made its at the bottom. Golf Cart Ride to the Woods.

Frugal Frugal or Wise Old Owl

Power Wheels are not inexpensive, they range from $250 to $450 depending on the model. If you have read my blog, I am all about low impact and financial prudence. (I'm frugal, however I like to think of it as fiscally responsible). If you look at sites like Craigslist or Offer Up however; you can find these Jeeps slightly used to almost new for very low costs. We actually found a family that was moving to another state and wanted to sell there little girls Pink Barbie Jeep as they had no room to take it with them. It was literally new and barely used for $40. You can't get a better deal than that, 10% of the retail costs at typical retail store!

I snapped it up, but I couldn't damage the manhood of my son, so I purchased a can of blue and black spray paint and went to work. He loved it. But I didn't stop there! Power Wheels have a safety mechanism witch limits the speed to about 2.5 mph and boy is that slow. If you remove a single screw that stops the lever you can have 2 speeds:

Slow —> 2.5 mph

Fast —> 5 mph

That worked well but not for long. after a few months the spark of driving the Jeep was gone. Not much you can do with a 5 mph toy Jeep. How many people spent $400 on this toy and there kids got board with it quickly!

My mind was on overdrive (pun intended), how can we make this thing faster?

Power Wheels have a standard 12 volt battery they use, if you give more voltage to the motors, this thing can go fast ... sure lets try it! So we got an extra 6 volt battery and after doing some wiring work, we had this thing wired up in series putting out 18 volts! The spark (pun intended) was bigger and better and now my sons eyes were back to that kind of look before an adventure.

This thing is fast, so fast he can turn on a dime, peel out, and drift! I had to actually look that term (drifting) up, but apparently its a popular thing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drifting_(motorsport)

You would think that that is now the pinnacle of the toy Jeep. But not so fast there cowboy, there is more...

The neighbor was so impressed, they got a used Cadillac Escalade Power Wheel, now those are even more expensive and bigger than the Barbie Jeep. However the neighbor's Power Wheel gears broke after a few months of use and they were going to throw it out. I said “no don't do that lets take it apart for spares”.

Putting 18 volts in a Blue/Black painted Barbie Jeep really takes its toll on the plastic wheels which get tore up pretty quick. In fact, we started looking for another $40 deal to get the wheels only. Try ordering a replacement wheel from power Wheels, the cost would shock you! So we got that thing apart (well the boys took it apart) and we replaced the original Barbie Jeep wheels with the Cadillac Escalade wheels. Talk about a “laugh out loud” moment, the Barbie Jeep now looked like a “pimped out ride”! And if you go into the physics of wheel diameter and the travel time to do one circulation, now the Barbie Jeep was even faster! And those wheels didn't last too long either. Now we have a mix of original front wheels, a spare mounted on the back and Cadillac Escalade rear wheels for extra speed. This thing is amazing and the kids have never got tired of it.

FYI - we tried 24 volts, but that burns up the wires so don't try this at home without a professional ;-) your warranty would most likely be void!

The enjoyment of this $40 Barbie Jeep has not withered, 5 years still being used weekly and his little sister has now started the journey. And you can see it has been beat up over the years and shows the Barbie Pink where the paint has been scratched off.

But back to today. The Golf Cart, my son has moved on to bigger and better things, he drives our golf cart like a professional! I attribute his driving skills to the Barbie Jeep training himself the limits of “boy and machine”. And he found our old GoPro Hero 3 and mounted it to the golf cart to make movies. Here is his first movie.

I hope he doesn't get any bright ideas on how to “pimp out his golf cart ride” more than it already is. And the situation on how we ended up with a golf cart is a story for another time.

Here is his video, enjoy.


Is it possible to shut down and reboot the internet?

Why YES, yes it can!

(ICANN) Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers


The ICANN is responsible for top level DNS (Domain Name Service) and root server system management. DNS is pretty important to the internet as it translates say www.google.com into the proper IP address for computers to connect. DNS also enable email to work properly! So what about the Internet of Value?

But wait, what is an IP address?

All computers that translate to “the internet” are identified by numbers called an IP address. Ever seen a number like this?

Well if you have, then you may know that each site we visit, like www.coil.com have servers that run the site and are officially identified by their IP address, but I don't want to memorize the IP address of Coil each time I want to visit the site!

When you type in www.coil.com in a browser, your computer check to see if the coil.com IP is already in its memory. If not it goes through a chain of servers asking for the correct IP so you can pull up the site.

Recursive Name Server —> the world's 10+ Root Servers —> Top-level Domain Server —> Authoritative Name Server and then bingo you get to the correct IP

BORING and complicated and tired of it already!

Well, some organization has to be the administrator of this mess and it started with the US Government and then later handed off to (ICANN) Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Without ICANN managing the DNS and root server system, well the internet would be unusable.

So can ICANN just turn these thing off and the internet is gone?

In short —> YES

Longer version —> Not quite

Those cryptocurrency lovers out there already understand the most basics of cryptography and the Private Key / Public Key. Its similar here with DNS and guess who holds the Master Key?


The “Master Key” is actually called the trust anchor, and it is the single public & private key that controls it all!

But its not that easy, to get to the Master Key, there are 7 individuals across the globe that hold keys that with a quorum of say 5 out of 7 show up and simultaneously open the box containing the master key, they would be able to turn off the internet!

So YES, yes ICANN shut down the internet ;–)


Below is the list of 7 individuals that have the keys to the internet and its future.


My son made a joke today ... I giggled :)

(Walking into a pet store)

Pet Store Owner: Hi, can I help you find something?

Boy: Can you show me where the Owls are?

Pet Store Owner: I'm sorry, we don't have any owls.

Boy: But I heard someone say you had Owls for sale!

Pet Store Owner: Who?

Boy: See ... I hear them!

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

True story now:


She is a natural at 3 years old! Just said “I want to do that!” and BOOM, the start of a future Wake Surfer ;–)

And FYI – may be just my computer, but with Brave Browser Shields On I can't see the video in Coil!

Must be a bug, so if you can't see it just turn off Brave Shield!

This is a fun little post, so let me build up to the climax. It's a story about a satirical conspiracy that I have created.

Cryptocurrency was unleashed on January 3, 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first Bitcoin. Bitcoin uses cryptography and miners turning electricity into bitcoins through mathematical puzzles they solve, rather than relying on central authorities to supply money. It's internet money!

Many opponents bring up the environmental impact of producing these bitcoins in a negative light. By 2011 other cryptocurrencies started to emerge based on bitcoin's open-source code. And it appears Satoshi Nakamoto left the bitcoin project mid-2010. In April 2011, Satoshi stated that he had “moved on to other things”.

So when was Ripple XRP created?

From Coinmarketcap: “While the idea behind the Ripple payment platform was first voiced in 2004 by Ryan Fugger, it wasn’t until Jed McCaleb and Chris Larson took over the project in 2012 that Ripple began to be built (at the time, it was also called OpenCoin).”

It all started with a post on bitcointalk.org by Jed McCaleb May 27, 2011. His premise was Bitcoin without Mining for reducing or eliminating any environmental impacts.



Enough of the backstory, enter the movie The Lorax!

The movie is a great animated movie, if you have not seen the movie it is currently on Netflix and is wonderfully entertaining (who doesn't like Dr. Suess), but are there subliminal messages in this?

Example of subliminal messages in my post Car Wallet


“Long before saving the earth became a global concern, Dr. Seuss, speaking through his character the Lorax, warned against mindless progress and the danger it posed to the earth's natural beauty.”

The Lorax movie was based on the original book by Dr. Suess and was released March 2012. The movie added a few new characters. The two character of interest is Aloysius O'hare the man who found a way to sell air and became a zillionare and Sai, The O'Hare delivery guy who would deliver the air they bought to the homes. Here is the opening song ~ 3mins

The reason these two characters are interesting is Aloysius O'hare reminds me of Bitcoin. Ted the main character reminds me of Jed McCaleb. The Theed tree seed reminds me of XRP. Lastly Sai, O'Hare delivery guy sang a song in the end called “Let it Grow!” and Sai's bow tie looks very interesting. Here is the “Let it grow” scene:

Did you notice Sai's bow tie!

The dates line up, the story line fits the narrative! Were we subliminally being led to Ripple and XRP back in 2012 from the movie “The Lorax”?

Don't get me started on who may be Satoshi:

January 3, 2009 – Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto

Mid 2010 – Satoshi left the bitcoin project

May 27, 2011 – Jed McCaleb writes about Bitcoin without mining

2012 – Jed McCaleb and Chris Larson start Ripple

Is it and example of deep rooted powers that be that control the world and try to reveal their plan in plain site?

When did XRP really start! XRP had a bug in the first few weeks (we are told) and ledger #32570 from 1/1/2013 is the earliest point on XRP’s blockchain which is actually recorded and saved. Was this “bug” just a cover to hide the world powers agenda!

Or is this an example of Jed McCaleb and Chris Larson receiving inspiration from the movie “The Lorax” for the Ripple logo and environmental messaging.

I would say its a simple example of inspiration!

well that was fun ;–) hope fooled you on the conspiracy!!!!!

This is a guest post by Mr. Mirrae

This week on vacation, we were fortunate enough to visit the Kennedy Space Center as the reopening of Florida attractions started. It was quite an experience as our family has some space coast history. Being the beginning of the re-opening process, the visitor complex was almost all to ourselves if you can tell from the title picture, no a person insight.

As we walked the complex, I couldn't help but get a sense of nostalgia coupled with a hope for the future.

The Nostalgia

The First Generation

The first generation, is my father. Or Papa as the kids have named him. Back in the 60's and 70's Papa worked on the Apollo missions and is the reason I can call myself a Floridian. I was way too young, in fact new to this world so I have no recollection besides the mission patches I had found and had my mother stitch to a denim jacket for me. I thought I was so cool, like Maverick from Top Gun.

About five years ago I found the patches again in our closet and had them framed for Papa.

The second Generation

The second generation is me (Mr. Mirrae) and my journey started back in 1986. I was just a kid but I remember that if a Space Shuttle launch was happening during school, they would usher us out to the field to watch the launch. Growing up in Florida so close to the Space Center it was just like another day. “Oh, I didn't know there was a launch today” was always common. I saw them often, but on that one January day in 1986, standing outside watching the Space Shuttle Challenger's fateful launch I recall saying to a classmate, “that doesn't look right!” For those that were not born and may not know, Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, killing all seven crew members aboard. Even as a kid, I recall it like no other day and how it shaped the future of space flight.

Little did I know or even imaging at that time that 15 years into the future I would be contributing to the future of space flight. Nor did the though cross my mind that 34 years later, I would be sharing this experience with my kids. It hit me hard when on this visit we stopped at the memorial and my son just stared at the left side body panel of Challenger from that January 1986 explosion. He stared quietly and what seemed like hours to me but was only for a few minutes, I snapped this shot. What could he have be thinking in those moments? It was somber and he would not tell me afterward.

I was lucky to contribute to space flight back in 2001 with NASA and got to be on-sight, the closest anyone with clearance was allowed to be during a launch (without a fire protection suite on anyway) for Space Shuttle Discovery, the STS-102 International Space Station Flight 5A.1
. I was also lucky to be able to be on the top of the launch structure on Launch Pad 39A with Space Shuttle Endeavour during preparations for the STS-100 International Space Station Assembly Flight 6A.

I know that in my youth I took for granted the experiences I had but now looking back after all those years, it was a once in a lifetime/generation opportunity I hope my kids will reflect upon. That their dad and granddad contributed to a part of history, even if it was small in scope compared to the overall programs.

(oh and yes, I am a rocket scientist)

The Third Generation

It has been said that the person to first step foot on Mars is currently between the age of 7 and 17. Could my son or daughter be the 3rd generation of our family involved with space fight missions? Only time will tell.

Space Shuttle Atlantis

The main display at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is very impressive display of Space Shuttle Atlantis. Space Shuttle Atlantis performed 33 missions to space and back. It is quit impressive indeed and seeing it is like no other experience. Better than the main Florida Park attractions. Its about our human history and the quest for knowledge.

(bottom tiles of Atlantis)

Final Thoughts

I would like to just pay tribute to those that have died in the pursuit of space flight.

Generation 1

Apollo 1: The Fatal Fire


Generation 2

Challenger: The Shuttle Disaster That Changed NASA


Columbia Disaster: What Happened, What NASA Learned


Pictured above:

**Space Shuttle Challenger

Left side body panel

January 28, 1986

**Space Shuttle Columbia

Cockpit windows

February 1, 2003

Generation 3

It is unpleasant to think about, however there will be many challenges for the next generation of space missions and the quest for Mars. It is my dearest hope that no fatal events occur in the future, however it would be naive to think they will never happen.

To the next generation, god speed and good luck!

For one little known fact about the Space Shuttle join Coil and enjoy below: