Is it possible to shut down and reboot the internet?

Why YES, yes it can!

(ICANN) Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers


The ICANN is responsible for top level DNS (Domain Name Service) and root server system management. DNS is pretty important to the internet as it translates say www.google.com into the proper IP address for computers to connect. DNS also enable email to work properly! So what about the Internet of Value?

But wait, what is an IP address?

All computers that translate to “the internet” are identified by numbers called an IP address. Ever seen a number like this?

Well if you have, then you may know that each site we visit, like www.coil.com have servers that run the site and are officially identified by their IP address, but I don't want to memorize the IP address of Coil each time I want to visit the site!

When you type in www.coil.com in a browser, your computer check to see if the coil.com IP is already in its memory. If not it goes through a chain of servers asking for the correct IP so you can pull up the site.

Recursive Name Server —> the world's 10+ Root Servers —> Top-level Domain Server —> Authoritative Name Server and then bingo you get to the correct IP

BORING and complicated and tired of it already!

Well, some organization has to be the administrator of this mess and it started with the US Government and then later handed off to (ICANN) Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Without ICANN managing the DNS and root server system, well the internet would be unusable.

So can ICANN just turn these thing off and the internet is gone?

In short —> YES

Longer version —> Not quite

Those cryptocurrency lovers out there already understand the most basics of cryptography and the Private Key / Public Key. Its similar here with DNS and guess who holds the Master Key?

The “Master Key” is actually called the trust anchor, and it is the single public & private key that controls it all!

But its not that easy, to get to the Master Key, there are 7 individuals across the globe that hold keys that with a quorum of say 5 out of 7 show up and simultaneously open the box containing the master key, they would be able to turn off the internet!

So YES, yes ICANN shut down the internet ;–)

Below is the list of 7 individuals that have the keys to the internet and its future.

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