Purpose takes your simple wishes to the finish line.

Purpose takes your simple wishes to the finish line.

Everyone has wishes but few go beyond a fleeting wish to a planned-out strategy and execution of that strategy. You don’t have to motivate someone with a burning desire for some goal and a plan to get it.

How many Olympic Athletes do you think have to be constantly reminded to do their exercise routines? Zero. What about professional gamers? Do you think before they have made the big time, their mother was yelling at them to go back down to the basement and play longer!

If you have a burning desire for some accomplishment, you won’t need to be reminded either. That is having a purpose!

I have seen many “motivational” books that tell you to write down your goals and read them aloud every day. I have news for you: If you have to read aloud your goals every night to make it sink into your head what you are doing and why you are doing it, you have already lost the game. Great athletes/sales persons/gamers/farmers/coders/teachers don’t need to remind themselves, they feel it deep within and can not wait for the morning to do what they love.

If you lose yourself in a obsessional desire, great things will happen. Work won’t feel like work, there is no need for motivation, you wont be able to stop talking, thinking, eating, breathing, sleeping your desire or dream. But it all begins with a purpose.

A mere wish + purpose + burning desire + obsession = Success

The underrated, unexamined purpose; so many have neglected to ask themselves about their own purpose. How can anyone be successful at something if they don’t first know exactly what they want?

No one can!

Without a definite purpose or goal, the burning desire to accomplish that goal, with a definite plan executed daily as if it is just a habit, you will meander through life like a leaf in the wind. Look around you at your friends and family, you can identify rather quickly the “successful one” and the “leaf” that randomly get floats around in the wind. Are they obsessed with a goal? Does everyone think they are so lucky? Luck has nothing to do with their success and never will.

How do I find my purpose?

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how to find your purpose. You may just stumble upon it through mere chance. But I can tell you that you will know when it hits you. You will feel it. Since its about feeling, you can’t logically plot out what your most probable dream/wish/purpose is, you have to feel it. What I can tell you is to avoid these common catch phrases below.

Phrases that are wrong:

Knowledge is power

Its often said that knowledge is power. I would posit that knowledge is not power, but knowledge of what you want, coupled with effort and a definite purpose is power. It is common for hiring managers that interview candidates for an open career position to ask the dreaded question: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” There is a reason this is an effective question. They can gauge a person’s motive. If you had a purpose and were asked this today, you could answer it with such passion that it just rolls off your tongue without a thought. Now that’s knowledge!

Find your passion

Ughh, don’t make me throw up!

I hear successful people always spout “find your passion”, but that’s a cop-out way to explain how they made it. It is much harder to explain that you need to take a wish (we all have wishes) and then spend years chasing that wish with a burning desire all day, every day without exhaustion. But remember, the starting point of any success is definitive knowledge of what you want. Knowledge of what you want will define your purpose.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Someone with purpose and a burning desire of a goal will always recognize opportunity. This person does not need to be enticed to act. If you are chasing that dream and can visualize exactly what you want, you will recognize opportunity and will grab it with a decisive fervor that others will think you are crazy. Your mind is always on your goal and your subconscious will scream at you in the face of opportunity. Without you having to ask others opinions.

Opportunity waits for no person, but is often delivered to those with purpose. Your mind will be tuned into things around you that pertain to your dream. Have you ever seen a new car that you really like and wish you had? That style car is always around but you never really notice it until its on your mind. My son and I drive to school and he always yells “Rover”, he has a thing for Range Rovers. I always thought they were luxury cars few and far between, but I can tell you there are more “Rovers” we see everyday than I ever imagined were around us. Oh and blue trucks, he loves blue trucks, damn there are a lot of those on the road as well! I never noticed.

If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.

I love this one! So never mind.


If you look at anybody that has impressed you with their success you will find a few common things they all have in common.

1. Major Goal

2. Plan to achieve the goal

3. Endless effort in implementing that plan

They basically eat, breathe, sleep and work their dream.

Photo by Thomas Lipke on Unsplash