Start With What You Have

Our white board for school work just isn't lasting very long. After a few uses it was hard to erase and almost unusable. See the elementary school provided basically a laminated sheet of white paper and a cute small erase with some Expo Dry Erase markers for you with online distance learning. Its great and my son uses it every day. But for longevity, it doesn't cut the mustard!

Searching for a new small white board they are not that expensive (less than $10) but in a few weeks I would run into the same problem. You can really spend some large money on very nice whiteboard, but for a 10 year old ... there must be a better solution!

Then I started reflecting on my B/VLOG post and start now stop planning. B/VLOG october 11 2020

start today & start with what you have!

Ding I had an idea, and it could not be more beautiful and perfect, it has a glow to it when the daylight hits it!

I should build an empire on my newly designed whiteboard. Ok ... maybe NOT, but here are the results —>

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