Stefan Thomas interview with David Letterman

I always laugh at this interview with Bill Gates and David Letterman from 1995. I couldn't help but translate it for 2019 and replace Bill Gates with Stefan Thomas.

Watch the original Gates video and then the updated 2019 transcript as how I imagine it (with Stefan Thomas) below.

2019 Updated Transcript

David Letterman = DL

Stefan Thomas = ST

DL: But you know I think about this and what

about this internet money thing do you know

anything about that?

ST: Sure

DL: What what the hell is that exactly?

ST: Well it's ... it's become a place where people

are transferring value right, everybody can have their

own digital wallet, companies are starting to accept

it as payment, it's wild what's going on, you can send

value to people instantly, it is the big new thing!

DL: Yeah but you know it's easy to criticize something

you don't fully understand which is my position here

ST: go ahead

DL: I can remember a couple of months ago there was

like a big breakthrough announcement that on the

internet or on some computer deal they were going to

send payments accross the internet, a streaming

payment on your computer and I just thought to myself

... Bank transfer ring a bell?

ST: There is difference

DL: There is a difference?

ST: A huge difference

DL: What is the difference?

ST: But you can ... you can stream micro payments

across the interledger whenever you want.

DL: Right – oh I see so it's streamed in one

of your ledgers and actually verified that it went

through and settled yeah

Does a Bank Statement ring a bell?

Yeah I just, I just don't know what can you just

knowing me the little you know me now what am I

missing here what do I need?

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