What step to take when writers block has you down.

Heading into the holiday season, I have been taken hold by the writer block bug. I thought about why this might be happening for weeks now and then like a flash of light from a lightning strike it dawned on me, purpose!


The first step I took was to re-read one of my favorite posts, which shook my thoughts back to what was really important. The Letter to my daughter post originally kicked off my involvement with Coil. This post is the poster child for my future posts and a starting point for my kids (or anyone) to read.

I originally started posting for my children, so if something significant happened and I was not around, they could re-visit my writings and reflect on my memory. After re-reading the “Letter to my Daughter” post, I was shaken. How did I lose my focus? How did I veer into a different lane?

Well this captain is steering the ship back on course over the holidays with a new revitalized enthusiasm and inspiration. When I thought about my purpose, it re-ignited the brain engine and ideas that needed to be written down flooded my head.

I can't wait to start fresh this holiday season with the needed focus and attention on my purpose. Hint: purpose will be the next post topic and it is an exciting inspirational explosion I hope you will read.

So what step should you take when you feel lazy and not creative? Revisit the original purpose that got you started on your adventure, not just for writers, but for any project you have begun. If you don't feel that sensation of excitement in your gut, then move on to something that does. Focus on that purpose and avoid distractions, like in my post What you can achieve by consulting with others before you make a plan.

Humans will be humans and exciting distractions took place of my original intent, but no longer will that happen. (I hope ;–)

I also have great respect for the time and effort of all content creators. It usually takes me about a week to gather my thoughts to cohesively write down the story. Don't get me started on the time it takes to put a video together. Kudos to those that do!

I hope that everyone will find their own purpose and live a life of excitement without too many distractions.

Some examples of my distractions:

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