The Beginning

The world is a strange place these days.

Since becoming a father, my interest (and concern) about the future of our world has increased substantially.

For a long time, I'd subscribed to the ethos that I could largely just do my own thing and not worry about the machinations of politicians, governments and vested interest.

It's now apparent to me that to ignore all this is to enable the festering of evil. To remain silent is to be complicit.

Society is best served, and seems most robust, when the composition of it's members are strong, self-reliant and sovereign.

In my humble opinion, the average citizen is a long way from being any of those things in modern society.

I'm on a personal journey, perhaps even a crusade, to maximise my own strength, self-reliance and individual sovereignty in order to be capable of providing a sound future for my wife and children.

Becoming strong, self-reliant and sovereign are all things within my own locus of control, and can therefore be influenced by my own direct actions.

My writing is intended to document the journey of improvement.

My hope is that it helps and inspires others to embark upon their own journey of self-improvement towards strength, self-reliance and sovereignty.

Thanks for reading and best of luck.