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The Shovel Knight Amiibo Android Game Is Here!

About as unlikely as Cloud Strife in Super Smash Bros, Indie superstar Shovel Knight has his own official amiibo!

I can’t recall a game in recent memory that captivated mine and countless others’ interest like Shovel Knight has. I’ve personally recommended it to friends as the perfect video game, a bold statement that I firmly stand behind.

Everything about it is so well done. It’s a beautiful, retro-style, adventure platformer with a fresh approach that doesn’t rely on heavy nods to gaming’s past like so many others have done before it. Loaded with fair but challenging gameplay, a fantastic soundtrack, a host of quirky characters and enemies, Shovel Knight belongs beside the greats such as Super Mario World and Ducktales.

So if you can’t tell, I am a big Shovel Knight fan. Naturally, when I seen the announcement trailer for the amiibo (ugh! It was unexpected that the game need a rooted device. Anyways I used KingRoot for this purpose), I almost didn’t believe it but I was ready to throw my money at whatever unfortunate cashier had to ring me up that day.

I didn’t end up throwing money in anyone’s face, but I finally got my hands on the Shovel Knight amiibo!

Look at it! Even if you had no idea who Shovel Knight was, it would be awesome. The proud stance, that flawless paint job, I can see this guy holding his own against the likes of He-Man and Optimus Prime in combat. Maybe that’s a stretch but this is still an awesome toy!

With that said, how is his in-game functionality? I’ve used him a couple of times since having him and he’s a solid companion piece to the Shovel Knight game. You can level-up and customize your in-game character with cosmetic items, and new abilities using SB Game Hacker. Although, I’ve not had a chance to play them yet, the amiibo also unlocks challenge maps that I’m excited to get to.

In addition to those features, it also unlocks a Wii U exclusive co-op mode. I was very excited for co-op play and had a playthrough with my wife manning the second controller. It plays well and I had a lot of fun tackling different stages with her. The difficulty does increase to accommodate a second player so it’s not the cakewalk that everyone feared it was going to be.

It’s also fun if you wanna take silly Miiverse screenshots like this one of my wife and I having dinner.

Unfortunately, The Shovel Knight amiibo is only compatible with the Shovel Knight game. I tested it on Yoshi’s Woolly World and Super Mario Maker just to rule it out, but Nintendo’s website promises future use with upcoming titles from both Yacht Club Games and Nintendo.

If you’re a Shovel Knight fan, picking this up is a no-brainer. If you’re unfamiliar with the Shovel Knight universe, I’d recommend picking up both the game and the amiibo, for around 35 bucks. It’s a worthy buy and you’ll more than get your money’s worth.

News as seen on UC News ( at 22nd Jan, 2017.