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As a reminder, we moderate content on Read according to our Community Guidelines. These are the same guidelines everyone explicitly agrees to abide by when setting a their blog to Public.

As a reader, if you see any content that potentially violates our Guidelines, please report it to us at, and be sure to include a link. We prioritize these reports, and take action as quickly as possible to minimize how far harmful posts spread.

As a writer, please read our guidelines and decide whether or not you can stick to them. If your writing falls outside of them, it's easy to steer clear of Read by simply keeping your blog “Unlisted.” Otherwise, if your Public blog eventually runs afoul of our guidelines, please just work with us. We only need your help keeping our community welcoming to all. Thank you.

TL;DR: Either don't attack each other on Read, or turn off the “Public” setting on your blog.

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