June 1, 2020

Day 29 A Choice

Choices are thrown at us each and every day. A choice to grumble or be happy, a choice to look for good or look for bad. A choice to harbor grudges or forgive, to be jealous or be loving. The list goes on and on. In the case of this pandemic we have had many changes thrust upon us and have had to make choices in how to respond, how to adjust.

Do I always make the best of choices? No, quite often mistakes are the greatest teachers in life lessons. When I perceive others have wronged me, I confess forgiving is not always my first response. I haven’t always made wise choices with my thoughts and words. Literally I have gotten angry only to realize I may have vented steam but that didn’t solve or change anything. All I have done is hurt myself and others. In those cases I chose to blame others instead of taking responsibility for my own actions and behavior.

So where am I going with this? History has a way of repeating itself . I have often found myself on a number of occasions saying because of my upbringing I am the way I am. I have used that as a crutch to be my excuse for my behavior. Truth is there may have been many things in my upbringing that has hurt and hindered me but it comes down to today. What is my crutch today? My past is the past I cannot change it. I can admit my failures and learn to apply good behavior skills in parenting, in being a wife, a mother, a follower of God, a neighbor, in all of life. After all , the choice is mine.