May 18, 2020

Day 20: Procrastination

Why is it I can wake up on a Monday morning and have so many ideas for the day and not accomplish much or any of them?

I had ideas for cooking: making a pie, or a rhubarb cake. I had ideas of putting together several meals for the week. Then there were ideas of cleaning house, cleaning the basement and getting organized. Many opportunities to use a rainy day wisely. None of it happened...

Instead, I went for a long walk in the rain. Thankfully I went when it was mildly raining. Since returning, it has rained almost 2 inches. The ditch is completely flooded, which is how I cross and walk in the field. I did make chicken soup for lunch which was a welcome change on a damp day. I managed to wash a couple loads of laundry, finished coloring a picture I started last evening, and also finished a movie I started last evening as well. My husband and I finished our 9th puzzle since the beginning of Covid, so we took that one down and have started a new one. Piano practicing was accomplished as well.

It’s all working out really. I guess I’m learning not to be so hard on myself. It’s ok if plans get changed. I never had anything set in stone anyway. There are some things in life we need to be diligent in doing and then there are other things to trust in the right time will get done. Who says everything needs done on Monday anyway?

Though one never knows when they may get their second wind!