May 22,2020

Day 24 Just because I can

As I stood at the kitchen sink working on a pile of dishes from dinner, I saw my dog Oreo looking at me. I spoil her rotten with treats. So I took the time and went out to give her a bone while there I decided to sit on the step and just rub her belly. I can almost hear her say,”I’ll give you a year to stop that...

While sitting there looking about my surroundings I observed many things. The sparrows gathering twigs and whatnot for a nest, the wasps buzzing, the barn swallows swooping and chattering, the clouds flitting by and all the many other things I could mention but won’t .

It occurred to me that I can do many things in this life. Yes I could accomplish much if I put my mind to it and chose to. And yet I learn to find satisfaction in the very small things of life. I make myself available and seem to find ample opportunities to keep as busy as I want to be.

Just because I can...its so random and so liberating. Which lends itself to many things, even typing this blog earlier in the day. You know, just because I can.