May 23, 2020

Day 25 Contentment

While going about my day today, this simple word came to mind and so I thought on it awhile. Contentment, what does it really mean anyway?

I looked up the definition and it said: The state of happiness and satisfaction. Hmm, definitely food for thought. As I asked myself that question it occurred to me that quite often no, I am not content. Not content with my looks, my weight, my talents and abilities for that matter even my accomplishments. And unfortunately that spills into how I look at much of life and the life of those around me.

It is easy to fall into the envy, jealous, comparing mode and never really address the real issue which is, am I content where I am and who I am? If not why? It is really simple if I haven’t learned to be happy where I am, how do I think another place, another job will give me lasting satisfaction? This is not saying to stay in one spot and never try. I’m saying if I learn to be content and be the best right where I am, won’t that give me purpose, assurance and peace to step out and try other things?

Lord, teach me to be content right where I am so when opportunity knocks at my door, I will be confident and content to boldly go.