May 25, 2020

Day 27 Clara M. Leidtke

While mowing today and thinking of it being Memorial Day and those who have given their lives in many ways for our freedom it dawned on me about my great aunt, Clara Leidtke. She was always “Aunt Marsie” to us. It wasn’t until my later years that I really knew what she had done for a good portion of her life.

She had been a Army Nurse specializing in Orthopedics but held various positions in her career. She was stationed in Tokyo Japan, Sapporo Japan, Neubruecke Germany, and also at Ft. Bragg. By the many, many slides I currently have of hers, she traveled all over the world before making Colorado her permanent place of residency. She wanted to always look out and see Pikes Peak.

What would it have been like for her and all the other military Dr.s and nurses facing pandemic in our world currently? Technology wasn’t what it is today.

Thank you Aunt Marsie, thank you Dr.s, nurses, servicemen and women of the past the present and the future. We salute you.