COVID-19 is a test for humanity on many fronts. A stress test to each of our healthcare systems, to the world's economy and ultimately to our capacity as individuals to act with the greater good in mind, rather than our own.

Maybe you are lucky enough to not be in a vulnerable position in this crisis because at your young age your chances of having complications out of the novel coronavirus are significantly lower. And perhaps even luckier as your loved ones are in good overall health and have the means to stay safe. Unfortunately this is not the case for millions of people, some of with whom you even have contact every day.

I am no health professional. Like you, I've been spending hours online lately to learn more about this new global threat, trying to keep my family safe. But while browsing through, I have quickly learned that this threat is so serious that our responsibility doesn't end with the safety of our loved ones. In fact, to make our loved ones safe, we need to think about protecting our community.

We can help fight COVID-19

Maybe you've already seen this, but if like me you hadn't either come across it or thought of it, there is this very important notion of flattening the curve of number of cases over time to avoid exceeding the healthcare system's capacity in your community, city, or country due to a fast spread of the virus.

How can we help flatten the curve?

COVID-19 is particularly tricky in the sense that not everyone feels at risk because for some age groups getting the virus will be no different than “getting the flu”. By not feeling threatened we can easily fall in the trap and get infected by ignoring some of the key precautions, becoming then, carriers of transmitters of a highly contagious virus that may pose a serious life risk to not few of the people we come in contact with.

This doesn't mean we need to panic. However, we should play our part in keeping the risk of becoming part of the virus spreading by observing the guidelines and recommendations provided by the experts (For example this resource from the World Health Organization). By doing so, we would be more likely to help avoid spreading of the virus at a rate that would have the number of cases exceed the capacity of local or even national health care systems.


Coil is a powerful platform to create content. And in troubling times like this, it also becomes a great channel to help raise awareness and share content that can help us fight this pandemic as a team. I would like to ask you to share this GIF far and wide, as it is a very effective way of explaining how a coordinated approach can really help reduce the risk of collapsing our local healthcare systems. The GIFs and more information on their reuse can be found in Wikimedia Commons.

Also, the original content from where the GIF emerged can be found here:


Dear Readers,

Needless to say, we are entering challenging times. Please! Stay safe, observe all precautions and take care of your families and loved ones. To close this post, I'd like to share a quote I found quite inspiring:

Hard times don't create heroes. It is during the hard times when the 'hero' within us is revealed.
- Bob Riley

And it is my hope that the hero within each of you is revealed.



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