The Blab with Nordic Ann

After interviewing Wietse Wind for the first edition of The Blab, I'm now thrilled to share my interview a good friend, a fellow XRP enthusiast and member of the Good Souls Group who also happens to be the Queen of Everything: Nordic Ann.

RR: Hey Ann! Let's start by going over a day in the life of Ann. What would be your best advice for a good start of the day?
NA: Hey Moncho! Coffee... lots and lots of coffee! 😂

It is the first thought on my mind the moment I open my eyes. I try to allow myself enough time to read the news and have at least three cups before I am off. If the weather is bad (hey, I live in Norway... there is a pretty great chance it will be) I’ll light some candles or the fireplace.

RR: Coffee!!! Absolutely agree, if something happens before my first coffee, I'm not responsible!

And after you've started the day, what are some of the small details that always make your day better?

NA: A hug from my daughter before school. A DM from a friend on Twitter. A chat with a colleague in front of the coffee maker at work. A blue sky after days of rain. A really cool song playing on the radio in my car that I can sing to on the top of my lungs... I really appreciate small things that make me happy. And most of life consists of those little moments.

RR: What's your perfect wrap-up to wine (ahem, sorry) wind down from a long day at work?
NA: Well, it used to be wine! 😂

Now I have actually started walking most days. It has become a way for me to clear my mind after a busy day.

RR: In your Twitter bio you describe yourself among other things, as an educator, property investor, world traveler and “much more”. What is the first that comes to your mind with “much more”?
NA: A people lover!

I am deeply and truly interested in people’s stories. So wherever I go I will talk to people and I have found that everybody has an interesting story. And most people will tell it to you if you are just interested in listening. Just a few weeks ago in Spain I was waiting on my friend at a restaurant and started talking to the lady behind the counter. Turned out she was a professor from Ukraine who because of political conflict and personal tragedy had lost everything, moved to Spain and started working as a dishwasher at a beach restaurant. Years of following hardship had then turned into happiness as fate had led her to love. She now was the proud owner of this restaurant together with her husband. In 15 minutes I had gotten a story that could have been a novel. I would never have heard it if I did not take the time to listen.

RR: This is so true, I am always in a hurry to bring my daughter to daycare in the morning and we had been always greeted by this man playing accordion at the metro station. One day we had a little bit of extra time and stopped to talk to him and he turned out to be such a nice person, who had previously been a sailor traveling around the world.

Among your friends or family, what are you famous for that you aren't famous for on Twitter?
NA: Probably my passion for photography and my epic cheesecakes. I am also famous for laughing loud and often. If you like quiet, I am not your person…

RR: What drives you?

NA: Feeling like I can make a difference!

I am a passionate person who loves a good challenge. I am creative and hard working when I find causes that are important to me and where I know my efforts will matter. Right now I am excited about establishing a new high school aimed at vocational training for teenagers who might not thrive in an academic setting.

I think more than anything I need to feel that my life is meaningful.

**RR: What are some of your personal “rules” that you never break?

NA: Never go to bed angry. I am quick to ask for forgiveness and quick to forgive.

I also learnt from Nancy Reagan to just say no :)

RR: You've managed a project to help children at risk in South Africa, can you tell us more about it?
NA: I visited South Africa for the first time fall of 2016. As we know the founders of a wonderful organization called @JamSouthAfrica we got to visit some of the childcare centers they have built and support in some of the townships. Right there and then I knew in my heart that I wanted to do something. So I told my husband: «I will be 50 in two years, this is what I want for my birthday!» Two years later we got to build a child care center for 45 kids and provide food through gifts from friends and family. I even got many tips through the Tip Bot when I mentioned the project in May of 2018. The response on Twitter was what opened my eyes to the wonderful power of micro donations. Ever since I have been passionate about getting the XRP Community involved in ways to improve the world one drop at the time through the work of GSG. (Good Souls Group).

RR: That is absolutely commendable, Ann! Really impressive, the power of micro-donations indeed. Every drop counts to make up an ocean.

Can you tell us, what is your most epic XRP moment so far?

NA: Without a doubt meeting David Schwartz (@JoelKatz) on Times Square at 1 am in the morning. I turned into a complete babbling idiot, but he was one of the nicest people I have met. I was very fortunate to have an invite to the VIP community party in NYC and to be able to bring my son. It really was where I connected with many great people within the XRP community.

RR: David Schwartz? Wow, that is a legendary XRP moment indeed! Ann, you have spent quite a few days traveling and in a way made all of us in the XRP Community your travel companions, by sharing amazing pictures and stories. If you had to stay in one of the places you've visited for a full year, which one would it be?
NA: Well, I love Praslin island in the Seychelles. It is paradise! But maybe a year on the beach with a cocktail in my hand would be a bit long? So far I think my dream is to spend a year in Spain. It is where my heart belongs!

RR: You've also shown all of us in the XRP Community you sure know how to have fun! If you were given 100,000 XRP to throw an amazing party or event next week, what would that look like?

NA: I am actually more a “bring a few beers, good wine and some food and we’ll have a barbecue at the beach” kind of girl.

But I guess if I was doing a classy event, I would upgrade to a fancy beach club, throw in some awesome food, good champagne and the best DJ to keep us all dancing through the night. I would definitely make sure we got some live performances by @kickboytriple and @riley_quin. Oh, and fireworks! Gotta have some fireworks!

RR: That would be quite a party with an amazing line up. If I may, I would like to throw in a couple of jet-skis 😁).

RR: Can you tell us what has been your biggest screw up in the kitchen?

NA: Every day I find new ways to screw up good food! My smoke detector goes off at least a few times a month.

RR: LOL, Ann you've just reminded me of one of my favorite memes:

RR: Smoke detectors sure like to get you in trouble...and speaking of...If you got arrested without any apparent reason, what would your family and friends think you had done?

NA: Hahahaha… Tax evasion on my crypto holdings!

RR: LOL! In one sentence, how would you describe Twitter?

NA: Totally addictive!

RR: If you could get one ticket to any show or event ever, what would you attend?

NA: To see a reunion of Abba would be epic, but I would be pretty happy with a ticket to Swell too.😂 Guess I need to get a YouTube channel up and running!

RR: You are a property investor and very passionate about real estate. Here is an unusual real estate question...If you had to design and build a tree house, how would it look like?

NA: It would be small and cozy with incredible views over a quiet lake. There would be a wrap around porch with two rocking chairs and candles everywhere. And a refrigerator filled with rosé wine!

RR: That would be quite a tree house, I'd probably build a man cave with beer and a TV to watch football and the crypto markets!

Ann, please help me finish this sentence: There’s two types of people in this world...

NA: The people that can’t and the people that can!

To every problem there is a solution. Some people find their way through a maze of obstacles simply because they never give up. Others just complain about how impossible things are. I wanna hang out with the problem solvers!

RR: Ann, thank you so much for this interview, for your friendship and for your love and compassion towards those in need by supporting so many initiatives including the Good Souls Group. By the way, Coil subscribers that read this interview, will be streaming XRP towards the @onemorehome XRP fundraiser! How cool is that!

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