Note: This is an early preview of the XRPLORER User Interface. At the time of writing the database was still being filled in the background and therefore data shown in charts is not up to date. I wish to express my gratitude to Thomas Silkjaer for inviting me to have a sneak peek into the work behind the scenes of XRPLORER and allowing to share an early preview in XRPLORE. And I know it can be tricky but just remember: XRPLORER is this cool project and XRPLore is this blog :).

This edition is a very special one, as it is the first sneak peek by XRPLore at an XRPL project prior to its release.


XRPLORER is a groundbreaking XRPL data analytics and forensics platform which differs from all XRPL block explorers in production today, as it leverages on graph database technology rather than gathering the data from the XRP Ledger directly. This unique characteristic allows XRPLORER to offer enhanced data analysis capabilities, like fetching certain type of transactions for specific time frames as the XRPL data will have been fully loaded into a graph database upon its release and will be updated after each ledger closure.

The Index Page

Although the utility of the database is mostly leveraged on via APIs, the XRPLORER UI is a very intuitive showcase of the potential of this technology.

First things first, the block explorer. To check it out, I entered the XRP address from XRPLapps used to tip XRPL validators.

Clicking on Load the chart brings you this insight on the XRP flow to and from the account (Note how the upper part are tips received mostly from the XRP Tip Bot -wallet rPEPPER..– and the lower part shows the tips being sent to each of the ten XRPL validators that accept tipping:

Interestingly, in addition to the latest transactions and account activations on the left, the account overview shows the status: Activated and quite a few details about the account set up on the right side

Other charts available on the block explorer (exclusively for Coil subscribers) are the following:

XRP balance development, showing XRP balance over time.

Account activity trends per day of the week.

Transaction breakdown

Also, exclusive to Coil subscribers, the Index Page features a set of charts with that you can browse through by clicking on the arrows on either side of the chart:

Daily payments across the XRPL where you can select any currency, which can also be either shown by value or count of payments:

◾️Daily Transactions over the last 90 days where either you can visualize all transactions, or filter for specific transaction types (payments, trust lines set, accounts set, escrow related, etc). For example, here you can see the escrows created over the previous 90 days:

◾️ Daily Account Activations which can help you look at adoption trends (or unusual account activation activity for forensics purposes) over the last 90 days:

◾️ Daily Closed Ledgers in the XRPL over the last 90 days that also allow for trend analysis on the ledger activity.

◾️ Daily Average Ledger Close Time and Daily Average

Transactions per Ledger charts over the last 90 days, which are somewhat correlated (the higher number of transactions per ledger, the longer each ledger to be closed).

Underneath the chart section, tables containing the fifteen most recent activated accounts and also payment transactions across the XRPL are displayed.


XRP Forensics, the XRP Community driven effort to help prevent and identify fraud in the XRP Ledger, will bring its expertise on board the framework of XRPLORER. Combined with the flexibility and depth with which the XRPL data can be queried via the graph database representation, XRPLORER will be primed to become the leader watchdog within the XRPL.


Similarly to the enhancements in forensics work, the graph database representation of the XRPL will also be a game changer in terms of analytics, as it will enable highly customized queries both in terms of type of transactions and time frames.


APIs are not covered in detail in this sneak peek, you will have to wait a bit more but for sure XRPLORER aims to enable APIs backed by the graph database.
Some of the plans include an XRPL API that will allow direct querying of the graph database.

The Blog

XRPLORER's blog, accessible in the top right corner of the index page is actually in Coil platform. You can check it out and follow them at https://coil.com/u/xrplorer. Don`t miss out on their latest post: A Deep Dive into IOUs

XRPLORER on Twitter

To grasp a better understanding of the hard work behind XRPLORER, follow their Twitter account: @xrplorer, which is not only providing regular news on the progress of the beta phase but also has tweeted out some sneak previews like this one showing how the filters in the charts work:


For our Coil Subscribers, we have a short interview with the founder of XRPLORER, Thomas Silkjaer, who has been extremely kind to spare XRPLore his time into answering a few questions on the team working on the project and the advantages behind graph database technology. Check it out 👀

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