If you're a data junkie like me, you will most likely have already welcomed @XRPL_Charts to your Twitter timeline and will have explored their beautiful coil-enabled website. If that's not the case, don't worry, I got you covered in this edition of XRPLORE.

XRPL Charts, leverages on a range of different endpoints from Ripple’s API allowing its users to generate different visualizations on XRP burned in fees, ledger closings, account creations and more. Its sleek website gives the user a very intuitive and straight-forward experience, exactly what the doctor ordered for mainstream adoption.

Burn Data 🔥

In XRPL Charts you can visualize different time frames (also how much XRP is burned per ledger closed), values and amount of data points around the XRP being burned in transaction fees that will never come back.

Among the values you can put into charts are the average, total or maximum XRP burned per each given time frame (day or hour) or ledger closed. The spike you see in this chart was someone (most likely accidentally) burning thousands of XRP in a transaction.

Another really cool feature about the burn data is on the lower side of the page, giving you the chance to calculate how long will the remaining XRP last depending on the amount of XRP burned per day in fees (depending on the XRP burned value you enter):

I did a quick check with 1 XRP per day and this would give XRP a “lifespan” of 273,947,883 Years 🤯

Ledger Data 📒

The ledger closure data displayed in XRPL charts allows you to visualize the average time taken (in seconds) for each XRP Ledger to close over the selected period (Either hours, days or weeks) and also allows you to change the amount of data points to visualize.

Account Data 💳

This chart allows you to easily visualize how many new XRP addresses have been created either per week, day or hour showing different amounts of data points. This is really useful to keep the finger in the pulse of the XRP ecosystem growth.

XRPL Charts on Twitter #️⃣

To take your daily XRP data fix to the next level don't forget to follow XRPL Charts on Twitter:


In line with the website content, XRPL Charts Twitter account posts visually appealing daily stats on ledger closures, new accounts created and burned XRP in fees:

Having been released in January this year, XRPL Charts is a relatively new project from one of the most prolific devs from the community, XRP Tap, but it has quickly proven to be a powerhouse of XRPL data that any XRP enthusiast should closely follow.

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

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